How drinking water during a meal impacts your Digestion?Diet & Fitness

May 06, 2024 20:09
How drinking water during a meal impacts your Digestion?

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Hydration is an important part of our daily lives and experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water to optimize body performance. However, it turns out that hydration time is important too. For a healthy start to the day, it is recommended, for example, to supply your body with fluids immediately after waking up. Likewise, there is a rule of thumb for drinking water before, after, and during meals to aid the digestive process and ensure nutrients are properly distributed throughout the body. Drinking water at the right time increases satiety, metabolism, digestion and absorption of nutrients. Too much water near food can dilute digestive juices and interfere with the movement of nutrients. Learn the best time to drink water with an expert. Before, during or after eating

Experts recommend drinking water 30 minutes before a meal to promote satiety and break up the meal. It prevents overeating while speeding up the digestion process. But drinking water right before eating can do more harm than good. “The timing of water intake relative to a meal can have a significant impact on digestion and absorption of nutrients. From a medical perspective, drinking sufficient amounts of water before meals increases the activity of the digestive system. Drinking about 8 to 12 ounces. Water about 30 minutes before a meal stimulates the production of digestive enzymes such as saliva and gastric juice, says Dr. Rakesh Gupta, senior consultant in internal medicine at Apollo Indraprastha Hospital, which can lead to a feeling of fullness and lower calorie intake during meals.

However, it is recommended not to drink too much fluid immediately before a meal as this can dilute stomach acid and interfere with the digestion of proteins and other macronutrients, Dr. Gupta added. Charu Deva, senior clinical nutritionist at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, lists the benefits of drinking water before meals. Appetite Control: Drinking water before a meal helps you feel full, which reduces your calorie intake and helps with weight control. Boosts Metabolism: Drinking water before meals can increase your metabolism, which can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is important to drink water in moderation after meals as swallowing too much water after meals can affect digestion. You should wait 30-60 minutes before drinking large amounts of water.

On the other hand, dehydration can cause constipation and disrupt the balance of your gut microbiome. “This imbalance can cause digestive problems and also affect the immune system,” says Deva. Proper hydration benefits the intestinal microbiome, promotes regular bowel movements and ensures a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria. Dehydration can cause constipation and disrupt your microbiome. It can affect the functioning of the immune system.

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