Working Out Before Breakfast Has Better Health Impacts, Study SuggestsDiet & Fitness

October 21, 2019 14:17
Working Out Before Breakfast Has Better Health Impacts, Study Suggests

When it comes to exercising, people do have a settled confusion of when is the right time to do it. With so many options skirting around, it is possible that you can start with your routine anytime of the day. But, that doesn’t mean that it will impose the kind of health benefits that you are aiming for.

A new study conducted by the researchers from the University of Bath found that exercising before eating breakfast does help in burning fat and also enhances the way the body responds to insulin, thus helping lower the risks of type-2 diabetes.  It also helps improve the condition associated with the heart diseases as well.

The study included 30 men who were designated under the category of obese or overweight. The results were then compared with one intervention group and one control group. The results from the study found that the people who did indulge in exercise before breakfast could successfully burn double the amount of fat in comparison to the group who did it after the breakfast.

When assessing the causes, the researchers found that the main reason behind the increased fat use in the body was because of the lower levels of insulin during the exercise following the fasting throughout the night. This ensured that the participants could make use of the fats from the tissues as a fuel to keep going, thus promoting better fat burning.

The same didn’t necessarily have ground breaking differences on one’s weight loss after the six week mark but was found to have positive impacts on the overall well being of the said individuals. The same found that the body was able to impose a better response to the secreted insulin, thus keeping the levels of the blood sugar levels in control.

The evidence from the study does show that the timing of the meals do have a very crucial impact on how effective the exercise is on one’s health. The study also did want to focus on the impact that the fat stores have on the body and the muscles alike. The same was measured with respect to exercising before the meals and then after the meals as well.

Dr Javier Gonzalez of the Department for Health at the University of Bath said that the results that they have concurred suggest that bringing forth changes in the timings of when you eat with relation to your exercise routine can actually bring forth changes to your overall well being.

Gonzalez further said that they the men who exercised before the breakfast were able to burn double the fats in comparison to the group who did it afterwards. The same didn’t necessarily have direct impacts on one’s weight loss results but was evidently good for the overall well being of the individuals involved.

The group that exercised before eating their breakfast was able to exercise and regulate better usage of the insulin. The only thing that mattered in the end was the timing of the food consumption.

Following the 6 weeks trial, the researchers did find that the muscles in the group who did their exercise before the breakfast responded well to the insulin released into the bloodstream. This was inspite of the same exercise routine and the diet plan that was offered to them through the trial procedure.

In addition to the insulin response, the muscle of the individuals who exercised before also did show better responses to the key proteins that were involved with the transportation of the glucose in the bloodstream.

The final results of the study does show that the exercise routine before the breakfast can definitely bring forth changes that you didn’t even know was possible. The same isn’t necessarily associated with weight loss but ensures overall boost to the well being which is a necessity as well.

By Somapika Dutta

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