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March 12, 2020 17:43
Shredded Chicken Cheese Sandwich Recipe

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Cheese and chicken is the best combination for all the lovers of non- vegetarian food as they go the best hand- in- hand when mixed together. This recipe of shredded chicken cheese sandwich would serve the best for a lazy summer breakfast or as a snack.

The shredded chicken cheese sandwich would be the best when served at high- tea gatherings along with either a chilled shake or a hot coffee or tea.

Ingredients for Shredded Chicken Cheese Sandwich Recipe:

  • Chicken breasts- 1 in number
  • Basil leaves- 4 in number
  • Two table spoons of pizza and pasta sauce (optional)
  • Garlic cloves- 4 in number
  • Half a tea spoon of black pepper powder
  • Half a cup of grated Mozzarella cheese
  • Half a cup of grated cheese
  • Two table spoons of molten butter
  • One table spoon of extra virgin olive oil

How to make Shredded Chicken Cheese Sandwich Recipe:

Step 1:

Take a saucepan and pour water. Bring the water to boil on a medium flame

Step 2:

Cut the chicken breast into pieces and add them into the boiling water and let it cook until it becomes tender. Drain the water once it is cooked and let the chicken pieces cool down.

Step 3:

Once the chicken is set aside, shred the pieces using a knife.

Step 4:

Place a heavy bottom pan and heat up some olive oil on a medium flame. Add chopped garlic into it and saute it for a couple of minutes after which pizza and pasta sauce is added into the pan.

Step 5:

Add in chopped basil leaves, Italian seasoning and black pepper into the pan and saute them.

Step 6:

Add the shredded chicken pieces into the pan and let it cook for two minutes to which the mozarella cheese and the normal cheese is added and is cook it for a couple of minutes. Turn off the heat.

Step 7:

Spread the molten butter on the outer sides of the sandwich bread and stuff it with the chicken mixture that is just prepared and further top it with both of the cheeses. Place another slice of bread on top to finish the sandwich.

Step 8:

Place the sandwich into an oven which is preheated at 150 degrees Celcius for 8-10 minutes. The sandwich can also be place in an electric sandwich maker or can be done on a frying pan placed on a stove.

The lip- smacking Shredded Chicken Cheese Sandwich is ready which can be served along with cool shakes or hot coffee or tea.

This dish would serve the best at tea parties and can also be taken as breakfast as well.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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