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Kajava Mama , Miami FL

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Kajava Mama

Address 13727 SW 152nd Street #723,
Miami FL 33177

Phone No 954-980-2273

Email Id [email protected]

Website : kajavamama.com

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    Based in Miami, Florida, Kajava Mama is a company devoted to selling high-quality and affordable coffee accessories for coffee drinkers from around the world. The manual pour-over brewing method is the way to brew coffee, and you will get even better results using our Kajava Classic Drippers. They are made of the finest ceramic and are manufactured in China and quality tested in the United States. The Drip Coffee Makers http://madovershopping.net/things-to-know-when-buying-best-pour-over-coffee-makers/ are available in different colors and have spiral ribbed, angled walls, a large hole in the bottom, and an ergonomic handle for ease of use. To brew coffee, we recommend that you place a paper cone into the Kajava Classic Dripper and add coffee grounds to it. Then pour hot, boiling water over the coffee grounds, making at least three 20-second pauses to allow them to bloom. Now you have a delicious cup of coffee that you need to savor slowly. The Kajava Classic Drippers come in one cup and two cup sizes, so you have options to select, depending on if you can start your day with just one cup coffee or need at least two to get fired up. Also, if your family and friends are coffee drinkers as well, you may want to get the two cup versions so that there’s enough to go around for everyone. You can also check out our Classic White Coffee Mug, which makes a great pairing with the Kajava Classic Dripper. It is made of strong ceramic and is safe for use in a dishwasher and a microwave. Whether you are looking for coffee accessories for yourself or to gift to someone, the Kajava Classic Dripper and the Classic White Coffee Mug are attractive and useful items that any coffee devotee will love to have at home. For more information about our coffee products and accessories, please visit us at https://kajavamama.com/blog/ and https://kajavamama.com/pages/about-us.


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