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June 19, 2024 15:44
Vladimir Putin's Rare Visit To North Korea

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Russian President Vladimir Putin made his visit to North Korea for the first time in 24 years. He was accompanied by his Deputy Prime Minister Denis Mantrutov, Defense Minister Andrei Belousov and Foreign Minister Serget Lavrov and his foreign policy advisor Yuri Ushakov. Analysts call Putin's visit to North Korea a victory for Kim. Their meeting would increase the status of North Korea internationally and also boost Kim's legacy. Kim will be accompanied by his powerful sister and daughter Kim Ju Ae while meeting Putin. Since Russia started its attack on Ukraine in 2022, many countries deserted Russia. Putin started looking for new friends and now his visit to North Korea is going to boost their country's allies. Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, was decorated for Putin’s visit with the Russian flags. On Tuesday Putin travelled to North Korea and met their leader Kim Jong Un, which showcased their ties. Putin is badly in need of munitions to boost up his war in Ukraine in exchange for economic and technological assistance. Sources also claim that they are going to develop trade and strongly oppose the sanctions. Putin and Kim are trying to come out from the West's support.

In 2000, Vladimir Putin after becoming president of Russia tried to renew the allies between Russia and North Korea. He visited Pyongyang to meet Kim's father, then leader Kim Jong II. Putin was the first president to visit North Korea after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Even Russia supported the North Korea nuclear programme in UN Sanctions being part of the UN Security Council. Kim travelled to Vladivostok to meet Putin in 2019. Moscow was also forgiven the debt in 2012, which made their allies closer. Besides these, South Korea, the United States and Ukraine have alleged that North Korea is supplying weapons to Russia for their war against Ukraine by violating the UN sanctions. Putin, even before landing in North Korea, appreciated his country’s firm support over the Ukraine war. Putin has gotten all the briefing about technology and defence-related projects of Russia from regional Gov Aisen Nikolayev. Along with Russia, China is also supporting Mr Kim’s efforts over the nuclear arsenal. Besides this Russia and North Korea have denied their arms transfer and confirmed that they are only going to strengthen the military allies. Cheong Seong Chang of Seoul-based Sejong Institute told AFP that North Korea was expecting economic and military support from Russia during the Cold War.

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