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May 25, 2024 17:15
Narendra Modi's ‘mujra’ remark sparks row

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The bloc's leaders on Saturday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of "enslaving" opposition parties and creating a "channel" for the Muslim vote bank in Bihar and Patliputra Lok constituencies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said and we want to announce this plan “Mujra is a traditional dance that originated in the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal era. Reacting sharply to the Prime Minister's remarks, the Congress spokesperson said, "I heard the word 'Majra' from Prime Minister Modi today. What do you think about Amit Shah and JP Nadda? You should seek treatment immediately. Maybe talking under the sun will help.” It has had a lot of impact on his brain.

Saket Gokhale of the Trinamool Congress also criticized Prime Minister Modi's remarks and said, "From 'Nari Shakti' onwards, this man started using words like 'Conduit'." Saket Gokhale wrote in X, "After 10 years of PR and a carefully selected image Mr Modi can no longer hide who he really is. What a cheap word." He added: "It's scary to think about what he says on his trips abroad as Prime Minister. Manoj Jha said, "We are worried about what he (Prime Minister Modi) is saying." I'm worried about him right now. Until yesterday we couldn't agree on his opinion, but now I'm worried about him. I recently found out that he is a victim of megalomania. “Makri”, mutton, mangalsutra and “mojra”... is this the language of the Prime Minister? News agency PTI quoted Manoj Jha as saying. While sharing a clip of the Prime Minister's speech, Shiv Sena (UBT) Priyanka Chaturvedi wrote, "Get well soon, Modi ji.""Today, having voted for the sixth phase and campaigned for the next phase, the BJP is disappointed . Their language has changed and they now talk about 'conduit.'" BJP has no answers to people's questions and only wants to mislead people. Fakhrul Hasan Chand, spokesman for the Samajwadi Party, said: "People are clear that they will vote for us in the elections and the Indian bloc will form the government."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed concern that the people of Bihar have been hurt by derogatory statements made by Congress leaders in Punjab and Telangana and DMK and TMC leaders in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal against migrants in Bihar. He said. Anyone who continues to play “major” with lanterns (symbols of the referendum) does not dare to protest. Prime Minister Modi also claimed that the opposition coalition is counting on the support of people engaged in "electoral jihad" and reversed the West Bengal government's decision to include several Muslim groups in the list of OBCs. . Prime Minister Modi said the opposition coalition should "first amend the Constitution when it comes to power so that not even the courts can frustrate its efforts to divert reservations for Muslims." I have asked them for written counterarguments, but they are reluctant for reasons of conscience. Listing the names of several disadvantaged castes, including the Yadavs, who are traditional supporters of the RJD, Prime Minister Modi said: "If the Indian bloc succeeds in its alleged plans, you could end up losing your rights."

The prime minister, however, claimed that the opposition coalition was heading for failure and "on June 4, when the results are announced, you will see RJD and Congress workers tearing each other's clothes." The prime minister claimed that the Shahi Parivar (royal family) Congress blamed Malkarjun Kharge for the defeat and went on holiday abroad. “India's states have already announced their exit polls before the end of the elections and may soon be able to raise their voices on EVMs again,” Prime Minister Modi said.

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