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January 18, 2024 12:09
Iran strikes at the Military bases in Pakistan

(Image source from: Reuters)

In a disturbing turn of events, Iran has initiated airstrikes on Pakistani territory, seemingly targeting a Sunni extremist organization. This act of violence is just another example of the growing wave of unrest spreading throughout the Middle East and beyond.

Pakistan's foreign ministry has expressed its outrage, condemning the "unjustifiable" airstrike and demanding an explanation from Tehran. Tragically, two innocent children lost their lives and three others were injured as a result of this "unauthorized" attack. While the ministry did not provide specific details about the strikes, social media accounts in Pakistan have reported missile and drone strikes in the Balochistan province, which lies along the shared border between the two nations.

Interestingly, Iranian media initially mentioned that the airstrikes were aimed at bases belonging to Jaish al-Adl, a Sunni extremist group. However, these references mysteriously vanished soon after. It is no secret that Iran and Pakistan have had a strained relationship, largely due to the activities of separatist factions and other militant organizations in the border region. Nevertheless, this recent escalation marks a significant and concerning development on the territory of Pakistan, a country armed with nuclear capabilities.

More than 80 Iranians were killed in a double suicide bombing in Kerman on January 3. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. It is unclear whether Tehran believes Jaish al-Adl was also involved or if it was simply a response to satisfy domestic demands for revenge. The Iranian reprisal attacks following the Kerman attack do not seem to be directly related to the Gaza war, but they are taking place during a time of increased instability in the region due to the conflict.

Houthi rebels, in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, carried out attacks on Red Sea shipping, leading to airstrikes by the US and its allies in Yemen. On Tuesday, the US launched another strike against the Houthis, targeting their anti-ship missiles. This was the third attack on the Iranian-backed group in recent days. During the latest attack on Red Sea shipping, a Greek-owned cargo ship, the Zografia, was hit by a missile off the coast of Yemen as it was en route to the Suez canal. The ship remained navigable and no injuries were reported. On Wednesday, there were reports in the US media stating that the Houthis might be reclassified as specially designated global terrorists.

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