Japan Hit By 155 Earthquakes In A Day: 12 KilledTop Stories

January 02, 2024 11:37
Japan Hit By 155 Earthquakes In A Day: 12 Killed

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Japan was struck by a series of powerful earthquakes on the first day of 2024, resulting in the unfortunate loss of at least eight lives. The magnitude of the disaster is still being assessed, as authorities grapple with the aftermath. Over the course of Monday, the country experienced a total of 155 earthquakes, with the initial jolt measuring 7.6 magnitude and subsequent ones surpassing 6 magnitude, according to the Japan Meteorological Office. In response to the first earthquake, tsunami warnings were promptly issued, and waves as high as 5 feet hit the country.

As a result, approximately 33,000 households are currently without power, and key transportation routes, including major highways, are inoperative. This has posed significant challenges for medical professionals and army personnel involved in rescue efforts, as reported by news agency Reuters. Wajima town, located near the epicenter of the earthquake, has reported eight fatalities, as confirmed by Japan's national police agency and the Reuters report. To address the situation in the most severely affected area, the Noto Peninsula, thousands of army personnel have been deployed.

However, rescue operations have been impeded due to the damage and blockage of roads. Furthermore, one of the region's airports had to be closed due to runway cracks. According to Reuters, the Transport Ministry of Japan has reported that a number of transportation services have been disrupted due to the recent earthquakes, including four expressways, two high-speed rail services, 34 local train lines, and 16 ferry lines. Additionally, 38 flights have been cancelled. The Japan Meteorological Office has issued a warning that more powerful shocks could occur in the coming days.

The extent of the damage caused by the earthquakes is still being determined. News footage has shown collapsed buildings, sunken boats at a port, numerous burnt homes, and residents without electricity enduring freezing temperatures overnight. Aerial footage has captured sunken boats at the fishing port of Suzu city. Videos have revealed a major fire in Wajima, which engulfed a row of houses. Evacuations were carried out in the darkness, with some individuals wrapped in blankets and others holding babies. The Wajima Fire Department has expressed being overwhelmed by the increasing number of rescue requests and reports of damages since Tuesday morning.

As reported by AFP, tens of thousands of people have been instructed to evacuate, with approximately 1,000 individuals seeking refuge at a military base. Overnight, over 97,000 individuals residing in nine prefectures along Honshu island's western coast were instructed to evacuate their homes. Seeking refuge, they sought shelter in sports halls and school gymnasiums, as reported by Reuters. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, in a late-night press conference on Monday, expressed his directive for search and rescue teams to promptly reach the areas affected by the earthquake, utilizing any available resources. During an emergency disaster meeting aired on television the following Tuesday, he emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that the search and rescue efforts for those affected by the quake were a race against time.

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