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July 20, 2021 14:46
World Meteorological Organization about Weather Events

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World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Chief Petteri Taalas announces that the natural disasters along with some harsh and extreme weather events will continue in the coming years because of the climatic changes. They are the root cause of the deadly floods and torrential rainstorms that lashed Europe in this summer season. Petteri Taalas said that the weather conditions are extremely harsh and are more in the recent months. The temperatures too witnessed a huge rise this year in many parts of the globe like Canada and the USA. He said that this is a clear indication of the climate change. Apart from these, floods lashed out various parts because of the heavy downpour in the European countries. More than 100 people got killed due to the recent floods in European countries.

As per the predictions from the experts, these climatic conditions will continue over the years and they will increase. If human beings are focused on climate mitigation, such adverse conditions of weather may stop in 2060s. Until then, the natural disasters will continue to grow and we will have to witness extreme weather conditions warned experts. There would be more human losses and economic losses in the future because of such incidents. We have to stop using fossil fuels and keep special attention on our diet. The world will reach the peaks of greenhouse gas emissions by the mid of this century. The experts also said that the entire world is not a safe place for now.

Asia witnessed a record number of typhoons and the Caribbean saw the highest number of hurricanes. Pacific Islands had a lot of cyclones in recent years. We have to convert our transport system and opt-out for electric vehicles and biofuels. We also have to use geothermal heat pumps and reduce the use of red meat.

By Siva Kumar

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