WHO says, “Need to know origin of COVID to prevent further Outbreaks”Top Stories

December 02, 2020 14:11
WHO says, “Need to know origin of COVID to prevent further Outbreaks”

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WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that “need to know the COVID origin to prevent further outbreaks”. He urged the countries not to politicize the issue which may create tensions and barriers.

The Chief added saying “I would like to assure you that the WHO's position is very, very clear. We need to know the origin of this virus because it can help us to prevent future outbreaks”.

WHO assured that it would everything possible to know the COVID origin. The organization has been sending the expertise team to China to find the COVDI origin and to know the causes behind the transmission of virus from animal to humans. The emergency chief Michael Ryan said last week, that the agency is planning to send the international team to Wuhan “as soon as possible” to probe the virus origin.

Meanwhile, China came up with narrative through state media and said that the virus existed abroad before it detected in the city of Wuhan. The virus presence was detected on an imported frozen food packaging. There are scientific papers which says the virus circulated in Europe last year.

In initial stages of COVID, scientists believed that virus transmitted from animal to human at meat market in Wuhan city. But now, scientists think the market is not the origin of virus but a place of virus outbreak. Several sources circulated that virus came from bats but the intermediate host animal which carried the virus from bats to humans is still a question.

Tedro then alerted Brazil for rising COVID cases and deaths. He describes the COVID situation in Brazil as “very very serious”. The country records 24,468 new cases and the death toll was 272 on Sunday. The total number of cases are 6,314,740 ad death toll is 172,833.

By Ramya C

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