An Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 shakes Delhi, CM hopes everyone’s safeTop Stories

July 04, 2020 14:02
An Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 shakes Delhi, CM hopes everyone’s safe

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Tremors of magnitude 4.7 hit Delhi on Friday evening at 7pm in the south-west of Gurugram, Haryana as per National Centre for Seismology.

63Km away from south west of Gurugram, an earthquake of magnitude 4.7 had shaken Delhi and parts of North India with epicenter being Alwar in Rajasthan.

Several people have rushed out of their homes when tremors were felt in Delhi and adjoining areas of Noida and Gurugram.

This moderate-intensity earthquake occurred at 7pm at a depth of 35kms.

About 20 earthquakes have been witnessed by people of Delhi since April 2020 and luckily all these earthquakes though evoked fear among the residents have been mostly low to medium intensity ones.

Since April 12, Delhi has recorded 18 earthquakes and recently on June 8, National Centre for Seismology has recorded an earthquake of magnitude 2.1 in Delhi. The epicenter of this earthquake was the Delhi-Gurugram border.

Some of the previous earthquakes recorded in this year:

April 12- Delhi (3.5), April 13- Delhi (2.7), April 16- Delhi (2), May 3- Delhi (3), May 6- Faridabad (2.3), May 10- Delhi (3.4), May 15- Delhi (2.2), May 28, Faridabad (2.5), June 1- Rohtak (1.8).

In the recent earthquake yesterday in Delhi, there were no immediate reports of loss of life or property though people went haywire since they felt the tremors around 7pm.

After the recent earthquake, the Delhi NCR has been identified as the second highest seismic hazard zone.

According to expert studies, the reason behind these frequent small earthquakes is because the Himalayan plates are moving in the northeast direction which is causing a lot of energy release along the weak zones through fissures and lineaments.

After the tremors felt in Delhi yesterday, Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind kejriwal took to twitter and tweeted hoping everyone’s fine and asked everyone to take care of themselves.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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