This Summer, Indulge In Some Fun Activities And Learn New Skills: An Initiative By YEFTop Stories

June 10, 2020 16:16
This Summer, Indulge In Some Fun Activities And Learn New Skills: An Initiative By YEF

Want to learn new skills in a fun way this summer? This course will help you do just that. Our program features a variety of classes that are designed with a specific purpose: to help children of all ages explore new activities through this tough time. However, we understand that it is summer vacation, and nobody wants to work anymore, so we made our classes fun!

For example, our ‘Python Programming by a Data Scientist’ class, targeted towards 12+ years to high school students, helps them learn about Programming skills, Python as programming language with the real hands on projects in a fun way!

Each person in this class gets fake money and learns how to spend it on real stocks wisely (See below for more information). If learning stocks is not up your alley, try the other 13 courses in our program.

Starting in June, you can choose from a selection of Cooking; Chess & Intellect Games; Photography; Fitness/Yoga, Exercise, Active & Healthy Life; Music Fundamentals, Vedic Math, Genetics and so much more! To see a selection of all our courses, keep reading. (The list is subject to change)

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Who we Are & How are we helping?

We are part of the YEF foundation, standing for Youth Empowerment Forum. YEF is an initiative by WEF (Women Empowerment Foundation) and supported by many social organizations such as Ekal Foundation, IACRF, and Indo American Community. The YEF is led by teens in Arizona who are committed to help other children doing fun activities and learning new skills over the summer. The WEF is an organization that supports women during hard times. They agreed to help our organization in funding, advertising, advice, and more.

YEF team is aware of many underprivileged kids worldwide and wants to help make education accessible to needy kids as part of this program by donating any funds collected to non-profit educational organizations that seek the betterment of education. After studying and understanding many non-profits, YEF found a Gandhi award winner, Ekal Vidyalaya, a non-profit organization that brings basic education to every child across rural India.

Ekal Vidyalaya, with almost nil overheads & with volunteer help, is successfully providing education to 30 students with mere $1 a day or $365 a year. YEF team learnt that Ekal is running more than 102,000 schools empowering more than 2.8 Million rural kids with basic education.

With these noble thoughts, YEF quickly put together an action plan since past 3-4 weeks and is working on launching the Fun Summer Activities programs from June 2020.

More details on the courses we offer in this program (subject to change) are mentioned below:

First Aid and Disaster Management

First Aid and Disaster Management

First aid is very important to know in times of misfortune and crisis. The disaster management aspect of the course allows students to learn vital tips and tricks to survive in unexpected situations. These two subjects are combined to teach CPR, how to make DIY casts, proper wound care, and many other brilliant things that can be used to save people’s lives and are good things to know just in case. This class will also come in handy in unforeseen circumstances, like natural disasters or medical emergencies.

Vedic Math

Vedic math is a course that helps build the basics of math and helps students to solve problems accurately. However, nobody would like to join a MATH, EDUCATIONAL class over the summer! So we made it a fun way to solve math problems and, even better, there is no peer pressure from your teachers or friends! This is the perfect class to take if you struggle in math or want to brush up on some skills, and it can help you excel in your math class next school year. This class is taught by Ms. Sweta, a certified trainer in this subject. She has been teaching for more than 15 years, and has done workshops on Vedic Math for the past 3 years. Join this class to get a taste of her expertise at a very low cost!

Cooking and Healthy Lifestyle

Cooking and Healthy LifestyleCooking and Healthy Lifestyle is a very well balanced class that teaches how to make dishes in Indian and American cuisine with ease. Adult supervision will be required as stoves and heat appliances will be utilized to create our dishes. The course also provides detailed pointers in food choice and healthy manners that create good lifestyle habits for the young cooks to learn. This is the perfect way to get kids into cooking, help people who have never picked up a knife, or people who make their own food! This class can benefit anyone, especially people who are going to college and need to make food fast. A preview of what we will be cooking: Blueberry Muffins, Vanilla Cake, French Crepes, Potato Fry, and 13 more dishes you can make at home for dinner!

Python and Software Language

The world of technology changes and evolves by the day, but this course can help you stay caught up or even get ahead of modern technology by teaching Software Languages and Python. This course is very informative and teaches many things that benefit aspiring software engineers or just people who want to see what's under the hood of modern sources on the internet. By the end of this course, you will know that a computer is a lot more sophisticated than you think and you will learn a new language!

Introduction to Business and Money Management

Introduction to Business and Money Management

Business is very hard to pursue without experience and money management. This course helps build skills in business and money management that is essential in the long run for young entrepreneurs. This class is open to anyone over 12 years old who wants to build themselves a strong foundation before getting into the real world. The course is a little focus related, but there is always a way that the teachers will make it fun!

Fitness and Yoga

I know, I know. The name of the class makes you turn away. But this class can help you increase your well-being. Because of the stay at home order, being active for a long time and exercise is at an all-time low, and health will further deteriorate unless exercise is practiced. We added yoga too because it is a very simple form of exercise and one of the few exercises that makes the performer feel refreshed physically, mentally, and spiritually. This class keeps you active and teaches yoga postures that can bring learners to peace. We made some challenges too, so see if you have the toughness to win it!

Writing and Publishing an Article

Writing and Publishing an ArticleEven though the class sounds boring, keep in mind that writing is an essential skill in high school and college. This course will help you jump ahead of your classmates and write amazing essays, as well as enter some awesome contests! In this class, we teach the foundations of writing and enforce them. We also educate you on the different types of essays and the different parts. There is a lot more to an essay that you might know, and this course will help reveal that!

Arts and Crafts/Sewing

Arts and Crafts SewingIs writing articles or software language not that interesting? Well, this class is for people who want to work their imagination and make new things over the summer! With professional teaching by Ms. Swarna, you will learn how to sew and make things that match your personality and are customized to your style. We will also teach different art projects that would make a great addition to your home. This is an “escape from reality” chance, and we hope you leap for it!

Building a Website and Internet Safety

Building a Website and Internet Safety We are on the Internet all day, now that everyone is at home. But ask yourself: Do you really know how to be safe on the Internet? If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘umm’, then this is the class for you! Practicing safety on the internet and knowing the internet rules is very important. However, this class comes in two parts. After learning internet safety, we go a little crazy and build our own website! This website can be on whatever you like, and you can join this class as long as you are 13 years old or older. Join us for some fun and let your imagination loose building a website!

Fundamentals of Stock Marketing

Fundamentals of Stock MarketingAs I mentioned above, learning about stocks in a lecture is boring. So this class gives a chance to experience the stock market world in real life, something a lecture itself cannot provide. Our teachers supply each person in the class with fake money and teach you how to spend it wisely on REAL stocks in a game! Anyone who wants to go into the stock market world needs to know the foundations of stock marketing, something you can learn this summer through this fun-filled class. There will be one class every week where the teacher will educate the students, but the students are able to spend on stocks Monday through Friday. The students will then check in with the teacher during the class before the lesson and the teacher will give necessary advice.

Music Fundamentals

Music FundamentalsMusic is a daily part of everyone’s lives. We are always listening to music, many play a musical instrument, and there are many other things people use music for. However, how is all the music played? As in, do you know the notes or the basics and history of music? This class will reveal the basics of music, the history of music, and may even have a little surprise at the end of the course where you will compose and perform your own music! We teach the main foundations, such as the different types of staff, rhythms, and a lot more. It is a fun way to start learning the basics of something so heavily influencing our lives. Care to join us for some fun this summer?

Mind and Logic Games

This class is split up into two parts over a four week period: Chess and how to solve a Rubix Cube. During this time of no school, it is important to keep the brain exercised so that it keeps the brain cells active. That is why we created this action-packed class. During the first part of the class, you will be introduced to the techniques of solving a Rubix Cube. This is also a chance to enhance your 3-Dimensional thinking and problem solving skills. After 4 weeks, the focus of the course turns to Chess, featuring the Queen’s Sacrifice, Double Attack, Overloading, and more. If you are 10 years old or older, join us to keep your brain at work so that it does not lag behind!

Photography Basics

Do your parents ever tell you that you need to learn how to hold a camera or that you really need to learn photography? Well, this is your chance! In this class, you will learn the basics of photography, starting from how to hold a camera. You will learn how to use a camera to capture beautiful memories in real life. With these basic steps being taught in this class, plus the learning of Portraiture, Elements, and Composition, learn how to take the perfect picture to capture the beauty of the world. You don’t even need a special camera!

Introduction to Genetics

Where do we come from? What makes us who we are? How are we all different from one another? These questions all fall under the presence of genetics, the study of genes and heredity in all living organisms. These are only a few of the questions that we will be answering throughout the course of this program. We learn about how scientists have come across the very nature of genes and how this study has progressed throughout the years, meshing with technology and creating very new and interesting ideas within our society. It is an incredibly diverse and fun subject that definitely was not meant to be taught lecture style, but with a combination of hands-on and experience. So join us as we explore our individual characteristics, while performing experiments and tasty delights in the name of genetics!

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