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March 07, 2014 11:12
Is Narendra Modi's leadership style similar to Indira Gandhi?},{Is Narendra Modi's leadership style similar to Indira Gandhi?

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BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi seems to bear a striking resemblance to former prime minister Indira Gandhi. His style of campaigning for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections is very similar to Indira Gandhi's poll campaign in 1971.

Modi’s campaign of 2014 is clearly presidential  like Indira's campaign. The slogans of the two leaders also seem similar. Indira Gandhi came to power riding on the slogans of 'Garibi Hatao', 'Indira Lao', 'Desh Bachao'. Narendra Modi's campaign also has an individualistic appeal with slogans like 'Congress Hatao', 'Modi Lao', 'Desh Bachao'.

Modi's poll campaign has placed him above the other BJP leaders. The BJP's poll mandate is about Modi's personality. The Gujarat chief minister has been campaigning with emphasis on himself – my achievements, give me power (not just the BJP) and I will bring development.

He has become the tallest leader in BJP, where people seem to have forgotten all the other leaders except Rajnath Singh. Modi has tried to contact directly with the masses like Indira who sought to rise above her party in 1971.  

After being designated BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Modi's status in the saffron party has risen much above the likes of Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley. Within six months of his annointment Modi from being 'first anong equals' has become the undisputed ‘Supremo’ of BJP.  

Modi's campaigning style is also similar to Gandhi in that he has been criss-crossing the entire country to cover every nook and corner. He seems to be working with single-minded zeal to to achieve his ‘Mission 272’. Indira’s 1971 campaign saw the dictatorial leader address rallies at every nook and corner of India. NaMo has not left even Tripura, which seems unwinnable at present.

The BJP leader is apparently trying to build a pan-India appeal for himself. Even states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala have seen multiple visits from Modi in an attempt to break the psychological barrier of not looking beyond the Vindhyas.

Lack of trust on other party leaders is another common character trait of the two leaders. Modi, like Gandhi, has trust on very few people. Modi-Indira similarities include authoritarianism and insecurity. Modi's writ is unchallenged in Gujarat, just like Indira destroyed an entire generation of Congress leaders, both at the national and state level.

As the polling date approaches poll campaign reveals that the 2014 LS elections is clearly a Modi
versus the others, very similar to 1971, which was about Indira versus the rest.

Riding on the 'Indira Wave', the Congress party in 1971 won an absolute majority, securing 362 out of the 520 Lok Sabha seats. Modi may not be able to secure two-third majority for the BJP, but he can in all probability bring the BJP-led NDA to power at the centre.

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