Nagging Co – Workers?Tip Of the Day

April 30, 2012 16:47
Nagging Co – Workers?

While to talk and abuse our Boss all the time? For a change and to view the situations from the other perspective, let us talk about Nagging Colleagues.

They appear to be normal, but make you experience what life means being abnormal…

They seem to be working, but they would actually be working on knowing what is happening in the office, with the colleagues around them, who is seeing who, who is doing what to grow, what is cooking and what not… but they would not be interested in their own career growth. Do not know how they would manage to sustain in the job, but at the end of the day, all the hikes and recognitions and also rewards would be applicable to them as well. They will be a pain to everyone. All these are the symptoms of those irritating and nagging colleagues at your work place.

What to do? we can either get rid of them nor be rude to them nor run away from them… why don't we try out these 5 mantras that can work wonders atleast for our life?

1.    You need to inculcate that thin line between your personal and professional life. by this, I mean, you are the one who would give that initial chance to all those colleagues to take a initiate to talk about you. Some times in their own group and many times, directly or in directly in Public. Better late than never, the next time you get to hear all these, just be bold enough to ask them to mind their own business and it is your own life. They will abuse you; talk about your arrogance but definitely in a group. They will think twice before behaving ill with you.

2.    You don’t encourage any talks about other employees. The next time, your colleague starts off with any similar gossip, just one sentence from you 'No time for all these'..

3.    Always keep in mind the basic thing that made you take up this Job. Be it your necessity or passion, chose one among these and stick to the same. Chill out for some time is okay, but it can always be a healthy way. One free suggestion, if you are working for 'time pass', then please look out for a hobby, rather than sticking on in a job that is well deserved for somebody else.

4.    And yes, atleast now, learn to say 'no' for any extra work that is given by your colleague by saying 'please help me out with this'. you are overloaded with your own life and work, what is the necessity to take other employee's responsibility, that too on a regular basis? Emergencies and exceptions are always considered, but not at the cost of your peace. And do not even be immature to think, you saying ‘no’ would affect your Job. It is not that you are escaping from work. It is just that by saying 'no' you are making even other people work.

5.    Just stay in control. Do not lose your temperament, if any situation goes wrong and something really irritates. Your anger would be converted as arrogance and would become the cover page story in the discussion of your colleagues.

Hartarahka friend hi nahi, nagging colleague bhizaroorihai!

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