7 Signs You Are Dealing with a PsychopathRelationships

August 05, 2019 17:08
7 Signs You Are Dealing with a Psychopath

Dealing with relationships are to some extent tougher and on top of that dealing with a psychopath partner is more exhausting. Sometimes you never know you are in a relationship with psychopath until they reveal their true colors because they know how to be deceptive.

You need to put a stop to your notion that psychopaths are violent because many of them lead an ordinary life. That being so, here are some of the signs of a psychopath:

1. They Are Extremely Manipulative   

According to Psychology Today, as soon as a psychopath realizes that you are being manipulated, they without further ado move towards taking the first step to luring you into an emotional trap.   

2. They Are Self-Obsessed

Psychopaths are under the belief that they are above the law and they will cheat, lie or even kill in their best interests. Psychopaths do it all on purpose without a  bit of remorse.

3. They Are Strong in Character

Surprisingly, psychopaths are extremely charming, sympathetic and pleasing. They further make their stories appear exciting and with a ring of truth. You will always find yourself happy and positive after meeting them. Remember, psychopaths, tend to attract they want from the victim.

4. They Are Skilful in Reading People

Psychopaths are accomplished in understanding people’s emotions and use them to their own benefit. In a relationship, psychopaths are always purposeful and they always want something in return. A psychopath will without a hitch evaluate their victim's strengths and weaknesses and identify their needs, vulnerabilities, and emotions.

5. They Are Unpredictable

Psychopaths are usually highly uncertain and emotionally unstable. They are in this emotional roller coaster where they will be on cloud nine at one moment and then feel low and victimized the other moment.

6. They keep Themselves Occupied

Psychopaths hardly ever go through lack of enthusiasm and always like to keep themselves busy. Every activity is rewarding for them and they tend to act immediately rather than sitting around and playing a waiting game.

7. They Are Audacious

Psychopaths do not hang back to take risks. The lack of risk perceptions is one of the grounds why they engage in crimes. They don’t think of the physical or emotional pain that they may cause to themselves.

By Sowmya Sangam

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