"NO TIME FOR ME"Relationships

August 12, 2013 15:11

"Let us enjoy our children for what they are And not for what we want them to be".

Todays materialistic lifestyle accompanying with busy schedules of parents are increasingly depriving their children of their company and therefore, they are growing up encompassingly protective in their own world.

Furthermore, a study by Assocham Ladies League (ALL) shows that more than 65 percent of youngsters between the age of eight and 24 get to spend less than one hour with their parents. As a result of which there comes a situation where youngsters become aloof, introverted, impatient and intolerant, explained the study.

The study added that as predominant fact, parents are reaching home much later in the evening and leaving home much earlier in the morning and the consequences of this are that with the growing number of nuclear families, there is no one to look after the children in their absence.

According to the ALL Global Chairperson Harbeen Arora, since violence and abuse emerge from complex causes, we require participation of multiple stakeholders in addressing the issue. The practices of responding to complaints and victims must become more sensitive and supportive, and civil society is ready to help in such endeavors.

In fact, the study emphasized on the fact that the majority of youth spend less time in and with their families resulting in displaying relationships. Most of the respondents rarely shared any problems with their parents. In the way just indicated, problems of communication, inadequate expression and lack of parental support have been recognized as factors associated with behavioural problems in children and adolescents.

Interestingly, Urvashi Butalia Director & Co-founder, Kali for Woman said that rape and sexual violence are not merely women’s issues rather they are a symbol of the deep-seated violence that women and other marginalized people tend to experience every day in our society. Therefore, a mindset change is required while there is a need for inculcating values for respecting women in our education and culture.

At the concluding phase the study firther added that abuse and violence in families not only affects the psyche of a child but also hampers growth and development and as a result of homes  where domestic violence is occurring children are also more likely to exhibit violent and unusual behaviour and tend to be intolerant and impatient.

That's perhaps an unavoidable truth when it comes to the present day scenario that the children have to undergo with a heavy load on their shoulder, and a heavy volume of study in their young brain.

Yes, blissful childhood is now a thing of the past, it's no more into existence which is disgraceful!


“Let their childhood be enjoyable through playing! Explore through playing! Learn
through playing! And grow through playing!”

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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