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June 14, 2024 14:41
Tips for best Footwear during Monsoon

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Monsoon season is upon us and it's time to wear waterproof shoes. The mantra for a perfect monsoon shoe is “easy to wear and easy to dry”. Waterproof shoes ensure comfort even in the monsoon season. That's why choosing the right shoes is an important criterion in the rainy season. The best shoes for monsoon season include flip-flops and sandals. These define comfort and are at the same time light and breathable. It dries quickly and is water compatible. To help you choose the right footwear for monsoon, here are some important tips to choose the best monsoon footwear that will definitely help you.

Tips for Choosing the Best Monsoon Shoes!

Flexible Soles – Waterproof shoes should be able to walk on a variety of surfaces. The flexible sole provides excellent grip and prevents slipping.

Waterproof – Waterproof sandals prevent skin and shoes from drying out due to wet conditions. In addition, ideal monsoon shoes ensure comfort and prevent the socks from soaking in water.

Safety and good grip – A good pair of monsoon shoes will give you good support whether you are walking on dirt, mud or mud. Particle for direct object

Choose light shades instead of dark colors. Why not add some color to your style during the monsoon season?

On rainy days it is better to wear open shoes. Because it dries quickly and your feet don't stay wet.

Flip-flops or sandals with ridged soles provide your feet with maximum support when walking on wet surfaces. It prevents your feet from twisting and slipping.

Strappy sandals help with walking and provide maximum comfort and support for the ankle. The strap keeps the shoes in place and prevents them from falling off.

Avoid wearing high heels or sneakers when going out on rainy days. Wearing high heels or sneakers retains moisture and makes it harder for your feet to dry.

Choose waterproof shoes. It has good water tolerance and is water resistant. It helps keep your feet beautiful and comfortable.

How to choose the best shoes for monsoon season?

Monsoons increase the risk of bacterial infections and fungal growth. In addition to having a good grip when climbing, it is also important to avoid infections. Waterproof shoes are ideal shoes for monsoon as they provide safety, support and breathability, prevent infections and avoid wearing shoes for long periods of time. Particle for direct object

Simple beach sandals:

Flip flops made of rubber and shiny plastic are waterproof and water-repellent. It keeps your feet dry and is one of the best options for monsoon season. In monsoon season, choose waterproof flip flops that are water resistant and improve traction. Also, avoid closed-toe shoes as they take longer to dry and can cause germs and bacteria to proliferate around your feet.

Sandal with rubber sole and cork sole:

Rubber-soled sandals are perfect if you don't want to wear wet, dripping shoes in the monsoon. Water-friendly sandals for the monsoon. We have a variety of sandals with wave-inspired sole designs that are perfect for your monsoon adventures. The sandals offer maximum breathability and feature adjustable straps for quick on and off. A good pair of rubber-soled sandals will provide good grip when walking down the street on a rainy day.

Comfortable vegan sandals:

Herbal sandals are another monsoon season option that combines sustainability and style. These sandals are made with a sustainable approach and are durable enough to withstand heavy rain. It also has deodorizing properties and prevents the bad smell caused by rainwater. Vegan sandals not only offer comfortable style, but they also look and feel great. It is popular for its smooth texture and luxurious feel. This is one of the things you should have in your wardrobe as it can be used in any season.

Waterproof slider with excellent grip:

The slider also holds well in mud or running water. An ideal choice for hiking on different terrains. It is also easily accessible and versatile. Choose slippers from Paaduks, an online vegan shoe brand from India, that are comfortable to wear and don't move or squeak when you walk.

How to care for shoes in monsoon season?

Wet shoes are more susceptible to infection. Place it in a well-ventilated place or dry it under a fan. However, do not dry it near the cooler. Particle for direct object

It removes dirt from shoes without losing quality and texture.

When cleaning white sneakers, use toothpaste to remove stains from the white areas.

Protect your shoes by wrapping them in paper towels or newspaper. Store in a dry and moisture-free place

Keep the soles of your vegan shoes clean and dry.

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