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  • COVID-19 Lockdown, the Aviation Minister, indian flights will fly to 31 countries from may 16th under vande bharat ii, Tv s frank

    Indian Flights Will Fly To 31 Countries From May 16th Under Vande Bharat-II 2020-05-14 14:15:22

    To bring back Indians helpless and stationed in other countries, the Government has decided to start the second phase of 149 repatriation flights under the Vande Bharat Mission by sending flights to 31 countries from May 16th.Bookings are opened. This...

    Keywords: Vande Bharat Mission, COVID-19 Lockdown, the Aviation Minister, Indian Government

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    peak, peak, u s has rode over the peak of new coronavirus cases donald trump, Tv s frank

    U.S has rode over the peak of new coronavirus cases: Donald Trump 2020-04-16 08:35:56

    The country has tide over the peak of the new coronavirus cases in India, said Donald Trump in an interview on Wednesday. He further alluded to it saying that it is likely that the country might indulge in some changes...

    Keywords: trump, peak, donald trump, donald trump

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    Oracle Cloud region, Oracle in Hyderabad, oracle opens second cloud region in hyderabad increases investment in india, Tv s frank

    Oracle opens second Cloud region in Hyderabad-Increases investment in India 2020-06-30 04:52:39

    As the customer demand in India has been increasing, Oracle has announced its Cloud region in Hyderabad. The demand of Cloud services in India has been increasing and Oracle has upped their investments in India. Oracle has plans to operate...

    Keywords: Oracle in Hyderabad, Oracle Cloud region, Oracle in Hyderabad, Oracle Cloud region

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    Science, Technology, algorithm successful in identifying women s orgasm defended as it was mocked on social media, Tv s frank

    Algorithm Successful in Identifying ‘Women’s Orgasm’ Defended as It Was Mocked on Social Media 2020-06-15 13:23:27

    An algorithm made by Cyprus-based Relida Limited said its algorithm could find out about women orgasms 86% of the time and it managed to protect itself after being mocked on social media.They posted slides of a presentation that was posted...

    Keywords: Science, Algorithms made by cyprus based Relida, Science, Technology

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    distillery, tourism, one of usa s best distillery now in boston, Tv s frank

    One of USA’s best distillery now in Boston 2021-02-05 17:15:29

    According to the most famous source for tourism and visiting places, Yelp has declared a distillery in Boston as one out of the 25 best distilleries in the United States. Spencer McMinn and Matt Nuernberger, both cousins own and operate...

    Keywords: YELP, tourism, alcohol, YELP

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    coronavirus new cases, Coronavirus, how much time does it take to vaccinate the indian population, Tv s frank

    How much time does it take to vaccinate the Indian population? 2021-05-10 06:03:33

    The second wave of coronavirus is making the country worse. The new number of cases along with the deaths are increasing at a rapid speed. Frankly speaking, there is a huge shortage of vaccines in the country. There are a...

    Keywords: Coronavirus India tally, coronavirus deaths, coronavirus India news, coronavirus deaths

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