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    How to be active all day, if you wake up before your alarm rings? 2016-01-29 08:03:10

    We usually go to bed after setting a time in our alarm. And get up with the sound from alarm ring, filling the room. Yet, occasionally we get up an hour or more before the alarm rings. In such situations...

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    sleep quality, sleep quality, good sleep helps better knowledge in all, Sleep medicine

    Good sleep helps better knowledge in all 2015-01-10 12:45:24

    Researchers studied the 75 healthy children aged between 7 to 11 years. In the study they found that good night’s sleep is linked to better performance in math and languages – subjects that are powerful predictors of later learning and...

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    sleeping tips, how to sleep early, are you a night owl this one trick can help advance sleep time by 2 hours, Sleep medicine

    Are You a Night Owl? This One Trick Can Help Advance Sleep Time by 2 Hours 2019-06-11 13:05:23

    Are you struggling to sleep at nights? A study suggests that it is possible to retrain yourself to go to sleep earlier in just three weeks, without any drugs or other drastic actions involved. Shifting to an earlier sleep schedule...

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    stress, sleep stress, middle of the night anxiety experts explain the vicious cycle, Sleep medicine

    Middle-of-the-Night Anxiety: Experts Explain the Vicious Cycle 2013-08-28 04:59:18

    When insomnia first surfaces, most people assume their problem is a temporary nuisance. As it continues, many wonder when (or if) they'll ever sleep soundly again. Short-term vs. chronic insomnia If pain, illness, or hormonal changes are behind your tossing...

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