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  • replace sundar pichai, google ceo job, is google looking to replace indian origin ceo sundar pichai linkedin job posting leaves users in shock, Search engine

    Is Google Looking to Replace Indian Origin CEO Sundar Pichai? LinkedIn Job Posting Leaves Users in Shock 2019-07-30 05:19:00

    A LinkedIn post left millions of people in shock that hinted search engine giant Google is looking to replace its Indian origin Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai. Microsoft-owned professional networking platform posted a job opening for the CEO post...

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    Shermans law, Shermans law, maryland joins other usa states for suing google, Search engine

    Maryland joins other USA states for suing Google 2020-12-18 18:40:13

    Maryland Attorney General Brian Grosh joins the coalition of 37 other attorneys who are suing Google. Ten states have already taken legal action to sue Google. Now Maryland state has joined the group. They accuse the internet company of anti-competitive conduct...

    Keywords: Google, Shermans law, Maryland, Maryland

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    Facebook, Facebook, google might withdraw from australia search engine threatens to leave, Search engine

    Google might withdraw from Australia, search engine threatens to leave 2021-01-22 08:38:53

    Google says that the new law in Australia will lead to disabling the search engine tool for Australians. The new law states that they will share all royalties with news publishers. Australia is about to introduce a new landmark law...

    Keywords: Australia, Search engine, Australia, Facebook

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    paagal by Badshah, paagal by Badshah, indian rapper badshah just beat bts and swift s record but youtube isn t talking about it, Search engine

    Indian Rapper Badshah Just Beat Bts and Swift’s Record, but YouTube Isn’t Talking About It 2019-07-31 10:43:41

    Indian rapper Badshah, who is a current favorite of millennials, broke YouTube record with his new album song “Paagal” reaching 75 million views in just span of 24 hours of posting. He outshined a mark set by Korean boy band...

    Keywords: paagal by Badshah, Badshah’s paagal, paagal music video by badshah, Indian Rapper Badshah

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    Bing, logo, microsoft renames office 365 rebrands bing and windows defender, Search engine

    Microsoft renames Office 365, rebrands Bing and Windows Defender 2020-09-01 07:38:11

    Microsoft has been working to rebrand its search engine Bing and the developer community has witnessed significant changes to the service in the recent past. Microsoft is currently bringing a lot of changes to its brand and the company has...

    Keywords: Bing, logo, logo, Microsoft

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    AI, robotics, what can you expect from google in the coming years, Search engine

    What can you Expect from Google in the Coming Years? 2020-09-22 13:10:13

    As a forerunner of innovation and development, what does Google have in store for us in the coming years? Google is that one company that’s always upfront in innovations and development. It is doing this since 1980. But, with the...

    Keywords: company, AI, Google, AI

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