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  • women empowerment, empowerment, empowered women empower women women empowerment foundation, Sdg

    “Empowered Women, Empower Women” - Women Empowerment Foundation 2019-08-31 11:06:54

    What is Empowerment? According to the World Bank:  “Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.”Empowerment is a process. Through the process, an...

    Keywords: women empowerment, women empowerment, women empowerment, women empowerment foundation

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    awards by bill and melinda gates foundation, bill & melinda gates foundation, narendra modi to be honored with global goalkeeper award, Sdg

    Narendra Modi to be Honored with 'Global Goalkeeper Award' 2019-09-04 10:00:02

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is conferring Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi with the prestigious ‘Global Goalkeeper Award’ for his leadership and commitment to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a nation-wide campaign in India launched...

    Keywords: bill & melinda gates foundation, bill & melinda gates foundation, bill & melinda gates foundation, awards by bill and melinda gates foundation

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    remittance, billion, india likely to receive 7 4 bn remittances this year says world bank, Sdg

    India Likely to Receive $7.4 Bn Remittances This Year, Says World Bank 2018-12-10 04:11:07

    The remittance inflow in India is likely to increase by 16.8 percent this year, according to the latest report by the World Bank on migration and remittances. According to the report the remittance in 2018 is expected to be $79.4 billion,...

    Keywords: remittances to India, percent, NRIs, remittance

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    pandemic, Poverty, covid 19 a catalyst for poverty for 1 billion people by 2030, Sdg

    COVID-19 - A catalyst for poverty for 1 billion people by 2030 2020-12-07 12:09:56

    A reported one billion people to fall into the depths of poverty by 2030 due to the COVID-19 pandemic states the United Nation organization. Studies conducted by the United Nations Development PROGRAM (UNDP) assess that the impact of the pandemic...

    Keywords: UN, UNDP, Coronavirus, Coronavirus

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    Khayyam, Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi, top 16 evergreen songs of khayyam that will stay with us forever, Sdg

    Top 16 Evergreen Songs of Khayyam That Will Stay with Us Forever 2019-08-21 07:11:07

    Legendary Indian music composer Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi, popularly known as Khayyam, breathed his last on Monday after suffering from a lung ailment. He was 92. Khayyam, who started his musical career at the age of 17, in his career...

    Keywords: Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi, khayyam songs lyrics, khayyam songs lyrics, Khayyam

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    Aakaasam Nee Haddu Raa movie story, Aakaasam Nee Haddu Raa Movie Tweets, aakaasam nee haddu raa movie review rating story cast and crew, Sdg

    Aakaasam Nee Haddu Raa Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew 2020-11-12 07:59:41

    Aakaasam Nee Haddu Raa narrates the story of Chandra Mahesh (Suriya) who is an Air Force employee but quits his journey in the middle to pursue his dream. He wishes to float an airline company and make flight journey affordable...

    Keywords: Aakaasam Nee Haddu Raa review, Aakaasam Nee Haddu Raa rating, Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra Review, Aakaasam Nee Haddu Raa rating

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