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    How To Attract A Right Partner 2024-06-08 06:28:16

    It’s a question from old times, How to attract the right partner. Don’t let your romantic desires or your family select your partner, this might end up as a disaster in the end. At times even loneliness can play a...

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    honesty and relationship, trust and relationship, ways to build a strong relationship, Right partner

    Ways to build a strong relationship 2014-09-30 10:07:04

    A strong relationship is not just about meeting the right partner. It's more about couples dealing with the issues amicably. Your relationship with your partners depends on how you nurture it. Here are few ways to build a strong relationship...

    Keywords: good relationship, tips for strong relationship, good relationship, tips for strong relationship

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    Life and Love, Changes in Life after Love, get someone to turn downs as ups, Right partner

    Get someone to turn DOWNs as UPs! 2015-04-25 12:13:53

    We must be able to get someone with whom we can share our ups and downs without hiding anything. If our lives are going in bad direction even we are aiming for the best, we should try for getting relaxation...

    Keywords: Life and Love, Relationships and importance, Life and Love, Changes in Life after Love

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    mama's boy, Stingy men, men you should avoid dating, Right partner

    Men you should avoid dating 2014-07-10 09:26:49

    All of us want our relationship to continue for ever (till death do us apart). But it does not happen all the time. We can only do so much from out part, but we don't have any control over what...

    Keywords: make your relationship work, mama's boy, long-term relationship, Rich man

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    Amy Pascal, Angry Birds game, sony releases angry birds in 2016, Right partner

    Sony releases 'Angry Birds' in 2016! 2013-05-16 07:55:11

    As a matter of interesting fact, the entertainment giant Sony have announced it's win over the global distribution rights to an animated film which would be based on the hit game 'Angry Birds'. Finnish mobile gaming company Rovio have been...

    Keywords: Angry Birds, Sony Pictures to release Angry Birds, Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures Entertainment

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    Oopiri movie story, Nagarjuna Oopiri movie review, oopiri movie review, Right partner

    Oopiri Movie Review 2016-03-23 11:19:31

    A multi-millionaire Vikramaditya (Nagarjuna) becomes paralyzed after a terrible accident in Paris, France during paragliding.He starts searching for a care-taker along with his secretary Keerthi (Tamannaah) and during this search Seenu (Karthi) impresses him though he will be rejected by...

    Keywords: Oopiri movie review and rating, Nagarjuna Oopiri movie review, Oopiri telugu movie review, Oopiri movie review and rating

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