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  • foods that cause heart disease, fast food and heart attacks, fast food availability linked with more heart attack cases, Researchers

    Fast Food Availability Linked with More Heart Attack Cases 2019-08-13 12:23:57

    Eating fast food is not good for health and we are all familiar with it. Now, the researchers, including an Indian origin, have found something bizarre.  According to a study, the areas with a higher number of fast food outlets...

    Keywords: fast food and heart attacks, fast food and heart attack cases, foods to avoid after a heart attack, foods that cause heart disease

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    gold, world’s thinnest gold, scientists create gold a million times thinner than fingernail, Researchers

    Scientists Create Gold a Million Times Thinner Than Fingernail 2019-08-08 10:13:34

    The scientists have designed the world’s thinnest gold ever created which is just one million times leaner than a human fingernail or just two atoms thick. The thickness of the gold is 0.47 nanometers, according to the researchers at the...

    Keywords: world’s thinnest gold, world’s thinnest gold, world’s thinnest gold, gold a Million Times Thinner Than Fingernail

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    anxiety and stress, Anxiety, anxiety stress aren t always bad study, Researchers

    Anxiety, Stress Aren’t Always Bad: Study 2019-08-13 12:14:35

    While a lot of us regard anxiety and stress as negative concepts in our lives, researchers have a different version to say about it. A new study has found that stress and anxiety play a positive role in our lives...

    Keywords: anxiety has good side too, Stress, Stress, Anxiety

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    veterinary physicians, veterinary physicians, working with animals can hurt your mental health study, Researchers

    Working with Animals Can Hurt Your Mental Health: Study 2019-08-16 07:11:17

    Veterinary physicians, who regularly volunteer at animal shelters, are more vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation, says a study.  "People who work or volunteer with animals are often drawn to it because they see it as a personal calling....

    Keywords: working with animals and mental health, Veterinarians, health and fitness, veterinary physicians

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    fall detection devices, emergency watch for elderly, newly designed wearable device to help elderly during falls, Researchers

    Newly Designed Wearable Device to Help Elderly During Falls 2019-08-13 09:44:48

    A research team, including an Indian origin, have designed a new wearable system to remotely monitor the elderly and provide quick first-aid when needed. This new wearable system can provide relief to the elderly who are at risk of falls....

    Keywords: wearable technology elderly care, health monitors for seniors, health monitors for seniors, health monitors for seniors

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    work out, exercise, social support helps students to exercise more study, Researchers

    Social Support Helps Students to Exercise More: Study 2019-08-09 12:45:48

    No matter what we wish to do, a little motivation from peers is of no harm. Similarly, a recent study found that a little encouragement to students from family and friends makes them turn exercising and physical activities a routine....

    Keywords: social support for students, students exercising more, exercise, work out

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