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  • chili peppers, chilli pepper, chili peppers help burn away the fat, Purdue university

    Chili Peppers Help Burn Away the Fat 2019-06-25 12:10:26

    Red chilies or green chilies that are meant to spice up our food benefits us in a lot more ways though it may seem strange. Many people refrain from chilies but little they know that it can also aid in...

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    , , american teen jenna ruiz makes film on gurinder singh khalsa, Purdue university

    American Teen Jenna Ruiz Makes Film on Gurinder Singh Khalsa 2019-02-13 10:23:19

    Amid the growing hate crime rate against Sikh community in the United States, an 18-year-old girl in the U.S. made a short film titled ‘SIKH’ based on a true story of an Indian American Sikh philanthropist whose campaign forced the...

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    mood disorders symptoms, alcohol, this green veggie treats alcohol mood disorders, Purdue university

    This Green Veggie Treats Alcohol, Mood Disorders 2019-01-05 09:48:43

    Are you dealing with alcohol use, chronic pain, and mood disorders? In that case, this green veggie would help you out to alleviate. A large protein found in spinach may help in the development of new medications for millions around...

    Keywords: treatment for alcohol disorder, treatment for mood disorder, spinach benefits for health, mood disorders

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    Varun Manish Chheda dead, Varun Manish Chheda last pictures, indian origin student killed in a university in usa, Purdue university

    Indian-Origin Student Killed In A University In USA 2022-10-07 04:35:29

    Varun Manish Chheda, a 20-year-old Indian-origin student residing in USA has been killed by his roommate and the investigation for the same is going on. Varun Manish Chheda is studying in Purdue University and he was found murdered in his...

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    Sirisha Bandla new updates, Sirisha Bandla career, sirisha bandla third indian origin woman to fly into space, Purdue university

    Sirisha Bandla: Third Indian-origin woman to fly into Space 2021-07-12 07:41:49

    Indian-origin woman Sirisha Bandla on Sunday fly into space and she emerged as the third woman from Indian-origin to achieve this. Sirisha Bandla is an aeronautical engineer and she joined British billionaire Richard Branson. Sirisha Bandla joined Virgin Galactic's first...

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    robot, smartphone into robot, researchers develop an app which turns smartphone into robot to perform tedious jobs, Purdue university

    Researchers Develop an App Which Turns Smartphone into Robot to Perform Tedious Jobs 2019-06-19 10:28:59

    The researchers at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, including an Indian origin developed a smartphone application that allows a user to easily program any robot to perform an everyday activity, such as picking up parts from one area and...

    Keywords: robot, smartphone into robot, turn smartphone into robot, researchers

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