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  • Maryland laws from July 1, New Maryland Law, laws taking effect from july 1 in maryland, Pesticides

    Laws taking effect from July 1 in Maryland 2017-06-29 12:42:48

    New laws will be taking effect from July 1 in Maryland that will include a measure to provide Planned Parenthood funding, an increase in minimum wage and school requirements for teaching the harm cased due to opioid. Maryland legislature became...

    Keywords: Maryland news, New Law in Maryland, Maryland laws from July 1, Maryland legislature

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    Dangerous pests, Dangerous pests, locusts in indian states life threatening swarm entered, Pesticides

    Locusts In Indian States-Life Threatening Swarm Entered 2020-05-26 11:36:59

    Desert locusts are pests that damage the crop in huge quantities. Locusts reached Indian states which is an alarm to stop the agriculture threat. This can affect the food supply and agricultural sector which is not easy to recover.The locust...

    Keywords: Locusts warm in Indian states, Locusts warm in Indian states, Locusts in India, Locusts in India

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    Prime Minister, Lebanon, entire lebanon government resigns in the wake of deadly beirut blasts, Pesticides

    Entire Lebanon government resigns in the wake of deadly Beirut Blasts 2020-08-11 11:15:47

    Lebanese PM Hassan Diab stepped down from his role and announced resignation on Monday in the wake of the Beirut port explosion that triggered protests. At a time when protestors try to storm the parliament building of Lebanon demanding resignation...

    Keywords: Beirut, Beirut, explosion, blasts

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    Suicide treatment, Suicide warning signs, world suicide prevention day know cautionary signs, Pesticides

    World Suicide Prevention Day: Know Cautionary Signs 2018-09-10 10:04:40

    Suicide is a major public health concern all across the world. Over 8,00,000 people commit suicide worldwide yearly and of these 1,35,000 are residents of India. Suicide is complicated and tragic but is oftentimes preventable. Having a knowledge about the...

    Keywords: Suicide rate in India, suicide prevention, World Suicide Prevention Day, Suicide warning signs

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    World Nature Conservation Day breaking news, World Nature Conservation Day updates, world nature conservation day how to conserve nature, Pesticides

    World Nature Conservation Day: How to Conserve Nature? 2021-07-28 07:53:44

    July 28th is celebrated as the World Nature Conservation Day every year and it is a reminder for mankind to preserve the natural resources and nature. It is our responsibility to save the natural resources for the future generations and...

    Keywords: World Nature Conservation Day benefits, World Nature Conservation Day benefits, World Nature Conservation Day latest updates, World Nature Conservation Day 2021

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    locusts, agriculture, how drones helped india in fighting covid 19 and locusts, Pesticides

    How DRONES Helped India in Fighting COVID-19 and locusts? 2020-07-21 13:51:54

    India imports sophisticated drones for the Armed Forces, but the indigenous drones have proved their mettle in various areas. Amid PM Narendra Modi urging people to become self reliant, home grown drones can be the major area for development. Experts...

    Keywords: COVID-19, drones, agriculture, locusts

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