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  • World UFO Day news, World UFO Day pictures, interesting facts about world ufo day, Interesting facts

    Interesting Facts about World UFO Day 2021-07-02 09:37:48

    July 2nd is celebrated as World UFO Day every year to raise awareness on the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). The day is to discuss and educate the people of the globe about UFOs. World UFO Day is also celebrated to...

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    Rajiv Gandhi death, Rajiv Gandhi breaking news, interesting facts about india s youngest prime minister rajiv gandhi, Interesting facts

    Interesting Facts About India's Youngest Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi 2021-08-20 07:13:37

    Rajiv Gandhi served as the Seventh Prime Minister of India during 1894 and 1989. He was born on August 20th, 1944 and is named the youngest Prime Minister of the country. Rajiv Gandhi is also the last person from the...

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    Disney, Disney world, remembering the father of the american animation industry walt disney, Interesting facts

    Remembering the father of the American Animation Industry- Walt Disney 2020-12-08 13:52:10

    Disney has had the biggest impact on all generations previous and coming by giving us the best animated movies and series in history. Children across the world have grown up watching Disney movies and the animated movies are liked by...

    Keywords: Disneyland, Disney, Animation, Walt Disney

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    Healthy Living, Healthy Living, 10 food facts that will leave you stunned, Interesting facts

    10 Food Facts That Will Leave You Stunned! 2020-07-06 12:20:56

    The food that we binge eat or hate come along with interesting facts that we would have never even thought about in our imagination unless you dream and are obsessed with food. Whether you relished the dishes or haven’t eaten...

    Keywords: Healthy Living, Healthy Living, Healthy Living, Interesting Food Facts

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    bollywood, interesting facts, ranveer singh turns 35 interesting facts about the bollywood actor, Interesting facts

    Ranveer Singh Turns 35: Interesting Facts about the Bollywood Actor 2020-07-06 15:42:50

    Ranveer Singh turns 35 today and here are some of the interesting facts about the versatile actor. Actor Ranveer Singh is now one of the top actors in Bollywood. He is a successful outsider who proved his mettle with his...

    Keywords: Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh

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    railway, railway, world s highest railway bridge in j k by 2021 all you need to know, Interesting facts

    World’s Highest Railway Bridge in J&K by 2021: All You Need to Know 2020-08-03 12:31:44

    The bridge is being built over the Chenab River and will be completed by 2021. It will be 35 meters higher that Eiffel tower. The world’s highest railway bridge above the Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir will be ready...

    Keywords: highest, Kashmir, construction, railway

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