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  • Cyclone in Tamil Nadu, Nivar in Tamil Nadu, imd bulletin update cyclone nivar alert for tamil nadu, Gadgets

    IMD Bulletin Update- Cyclone Nivar Alert For Tamil Nadu 2020-11-24 05:56:42

    The cyclone effect is showing depression signs over the Bay of Bengal since Monday. Depression is predicted to turn into severe cyclonic storm. Tamil Nadu CM urged people to stay indoors for safety.The weather department IMD, cautioned that Nivar cyclone...

    Keywords: Nivar in Tamil Nadu, Nivar in Tamil Nadu, Cyclone in Tamil Nadu, Cyclone in Tamil Nadu

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    technology, headphones, 12 trends which show how wireless ear buds are the hottest gadgets of 2020, Gadgets

    12 trends which show how wireless ear-buds are the hottest gadgets of 2020 2020-12-21 06:56:51

    This list shows 1 2 trends as to why wireless ear-buds are the most efficient, stylish and luxury-worth gadgets of 2020. 1.The year 2020 was the market for Wireless ear-buds to expand. The pandemic and the increase in the work-from-home...

    Keywords: gadgets, Bluetooth, gadgets, Bluetooth

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    automobiles, technology, apple inc new product for 2024 or beyond self driving cars, Gadgets

    Apple Inc. New product for 2024 or beyond- self driving cars 2020-12-22 05:45:05

    Apple Inc. Is moving forward with new technology apart from gadgets- self driving cars. They are targeting the 2024 audience to produce a passenger vehicle that will include its own breakthrough battery technology. The public is already familiar with the...

    Keywords: self driving cars, technology, Apple Inc, Apple Inc

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    Amazon, Alexa, amazon alexa new feature live translation, Gadgets

    Amazon Alexa new feature- live translation 2020-12-16 05:10:23

    The new Amazon Alexa voice assistant feature now allows users to speak in different languages and the Echo device will translate it to English or any of the six desired languages. The new feature allows a total of six languages...

    Keywords: Alexa, gadgets, gadgets, translation

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    Hydrogen Production Reactor study, Hydrogen Production Reactor breaking news, indian scientists develop a large scale hydrogen production reactor, Gadgets

    Indian Scientists Develop a Large-Scale Hydrogen Production Reactor 2021-09-30 09:07:54

    In a major development, the Indian scientists developed a large-scale reactor that can produce enough amount of hydrogen using water and sunlight. This happened to be the first time in the world, hydrogen is being produced in a cost-effective manner...

    Keywords: INST, INST, INST, Hydrogen Production Reactor latest

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    2020, 2020, the tech winners and losers of the of the year 2020, Gadgets

    The tech winners and losers of the of the year 2020 2020-12-31 07:06:06

    This year has been all about staying at home. There were gadgets which were introduced throughout the year. After careful selection, we have made a list of which gadgets we believed were successful this year and which of them were...

    Keywords: 2020, technology, technology, applications

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