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  • Samuel D Brownback, China, us representative says china has no theological basis to pick next dalai lama, Faith

    US Representative Says China Has "No Theological Basis" To Pick Next Dalai Lama 2020-11-18 08:40:55

    According to a top US diplomat, China has no theological basis to pick the next Dalai Lama, declaring that the Tibetan Buddhists have successfully chosen their spiritual leader for hundreds of years.Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Samuel D...

    Keywords: US Representative, Dalai Lama, Samuel D Brownback, Samuel D Brownback

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    Twitter for coronavirus, Twitter donations, twitter donates 15 million usd for india to battle coronavirus, Faith

    Twitter donates 15 million USD for India to battle Coronavirus 2021-05-11 16:06:24

    Top social media giant Twitter has donated 15 million USD for India to battle the ongoing coronavirus. This is close to Rs 110 crores as per the Indian currency. Twitter CEO Jack Patrick Dorsey announced the same on Monday and...

    Keywords: Twitter revenue, Twitter coronavirus donations, Twitter charity, Twitter breaking news

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    Homeopathy, Homeopathy, homeopathy true and tested or a myth, Faith

    Homeopathy-true and tested or a myth? 2020-12-21 10:21:24

    Homeopathy is age old and time tested. If something is fake, based on superstitions, it would not have survived this long. There can always be multiple solutions to a problem. Just because one does not understand it, does not make...

    Keywords: Homeopathy, health, medicine, Homeopathy

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    Supreme Court, Narendra Modi, are the courts being fair to indian muslims, Faith

    Are the Courts being Fair to Indian Muslims? 2020-10-01 15:59:08

    Most of the Muslims of India work in the low paying sectors of the Indian economy. After nearly three decades of fight, 850 witnesses, proofs of tapes and audio, the Supreme Court on Wednesday acquitted all the 32 accused in...

    Keywords: India, India, Muslims, India

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    bride, bench, supreme court to review 66 year old special marriage act for couples privacy, Faith

    Supreme Court to review 66-year-old Special Marriage Act for couples' privacy 2020-09-17 13:51:18

    The marriage act has a provision to make public the names of the bride and groom by pasting them on the notice board of the marriage officer. The 66-year old Special MArriage has a certain provision that needs to be...

    Keywords: groom, groom, bench, groom

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    Pope Francis breaking news, Pope Francis news, pope francis urges the world to fight against mafia groups, Faith

    Pope Francis urges the world to fight against mafia groups 2021-03-22 07:07:45

    Pope Francis yesterday urged the people to fight against the rime groups and termed them as mafia. He warned that these mafia groups are using the coronavirus pandemic to enrich themselves. Last year, Interpol that is based in Paris issued...

    Keywords: Pope Francis on coronavirus vaccine, Pope Francis about organized crimes, Pope Francis latest, Pope Francis about coronavirus

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