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  • laws, laws, farmers protest live updates farmers fast to abolish laws, Central government

    Farmers' protest live updates: Farmers' fast to abolish laws 2020-12-15 05:29:33

    People join farmers’ protest at the Singh border during their protest against the central government’s farm reform laws in New Delhi, last Monday. The farmers have been in a continuous agitated protest against the three laws made by the central...

    Keywords: central government, parliament, fast, Farmers’ protest

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    Union budget, 2021, union budget 2021 a budget like no other, Central government

    Union Budget 2021- A Budget Like no Other 2021-02-01 11:54:27

    The Union budget for the year 2021 was presented by the Modi Led government this year. Viewers from all over India were watching the Budget 2021 today. The purpose of the budget is to get India back on track as...

    Keywords: Union budget, Union budget, 2021, Union budget

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    Farmer’s protest, death, farmer s protest gets brutal at delhi border, Central government

    Farmer's protest gets brutal at Delhi border 2021-01-04 05:01:59

    On 30 December, the sixth round of the farmers’ protest took place between both responsible parties, the Farmers representatives and the Central Government. There were hopes that the protest and the discussion will lead to the government repealing the three...

    Keywords: Farmer’s protest, death, Farmer’s protest, death

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    protest, Delhi, farmer leaders say no to violence but yes to protests, Central government

    Farmer Leaders say No to Violence But Yes to Protests 2021-01-28 13:26:36

    Following the riot that has taken place on Tuesday, Farmer leaders in India have told media sources that they absolutely condemn violence but will still go forward with protests till the new farmers’ laws are re-administered. Many citizens are blaming...

    Keywords: protest, Farmers’ laws, government, Delhi

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    Facebook, privacy, central government asks whatsapp to withdraw its privacy policies, Central government

    Central Government asks WhatsApp to withdraw its Privacy Policies 2021-01-20 05:39:36

    The Indian Government has asked WhatsApp to withdraw the new privacy policy changes on the messaging apps calling the new policies terms and conditions unacceptable and unfair. The ministry of Electronics and Information Technology wrote a strongly worded letter saying...

    Keywords: Central government, privacy, messaging application, privacy

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    Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi, farmers protest will get more serious post december 14 2020, Central government

    Farmers’ Protest Will Get More Serious Post-December 14 2020 2020-12-10 04:48:56

    After several rounds of discussions held by groups of protesters, leaders, political members, farmers groups and union ministers, there hasn’t been a plausible conclusion. The delayed sixth round table talk which was supposed to be held on Wednesday was supposed...

    Keywords: protest, Congress, Farmers. Farmers’ laws, Central Government

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