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  • Asus TUF Dash F15 breaking news, Asus TUF Dash F15 features, asus tuf dash f15 gaming laptop launched, Bluetooth

    Asus TUF Dash F15 gaming laptop launched 2021-03-09 10:34:19

    Asus launched its new TUF Dash F15 gaming laptop in the country and it comes with Intel's latest 11th Gen Core i7 processor along with Nvidia GeForce graphics card and military-grade durability. Asus TUF Dash F15 gaming laptop comes with...

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    workout, gym essentials, what women should be carrying in their gym bag gym bag essentials, Bluetooth

    What Women Should Be Carrying In Their Gym Bag- Gym Bag Essentials 2021-01-09 08:45:23

    Going to the gym is an experience. It is both healthy for us and a good stress buster. As Women, going to the gym can be fun, but there are a few essentials that are important to carry while attending...

    Keywords: gym, essentials, gym, workout

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    Nokia 5710 XpressAudio specifications, Nokia 5710 XpressAudio latest, nokia 5710 xpressaudio review, Bluetooth

    Nokia 5710 XpressAudio Review 2022-10-07 15:49:48

    Nokia revived the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio which comes with a slide-out panel and a pair of true wireless headphones. It comes with a screen of 2-inches and a classic T-9 keyboard. IKt does not rotate like the original Nokia 5700....

    Keywords: Nokia 5710 XpressAudio price, Nokia 5710 XpressAudio, Nokia 5710 XpressAudio videos, Nokia 5710 XpressAudio colours

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    iOS 13.7, public health authorities, apple releases ios 13 7 with covid 19 exposure notifications, Bluetooth

    Apple releases iOS 13.7 with COVID-19 exposure notifications 2020-09-02 11:23:02

    Apple and Google have unveiled a new COVID-19 exposure notification express system to support COVID-19 contact tracing. Apple has announced recently that it will release iOS 13.7 to the public display and will introduce a major expansion in the COVID-19...

    Keywords: Google, iOS 13.7, Google, Google

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    earphones, technology, 12 trends which show how wireless ear buds are the hottest gadgets of 2020, Bluetooth

    12 trends which show how wireless ear-buds are the hottest gadgets of 2020 2020-12-21 06:56:51

    This list shows 1 2 trends as to why wireless ear-buds are the most efficient, stylish and luxury-worth gadgets of 2020. 1.The year 2020 was the market for Wireless ear-buds to expand. The pandemic and the increase in the work-from-home...

    Keywords: gadgets, gadgets, gadgets, headphones

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    Alexa, device, everything about amazon s new echo show 10 and its features, Bluetooth

    Everything about Amazon's New Echo Show 10 and its Features 2020-09-25 15:44:58

    The echo show 10 follows you as you move around while keeping you on track on whatever is being displayed on the screen. The echo show 10 uses a computer vision to follow your movements and then combines this data...

    Keywords: the Echo show 10, Amazon, device, Alexa

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