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  • Argentina senate, Senate, argentina senate rejects bill to legalize abortion, Amnesty international

    Argentina Senate Rejects Bill to Legalize Abortion 2018-08-09 09:38:28

    Argentina's Senate has rejected a bill to legalize elective abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.A debate among lawmakers for over 15 hours took place and voted 31 in favor to 38 against, despite the fact opinion polls showed...

    Keywords: Argentina, abortion, abortion, Pope Francis

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    Dhaka, Indian, bangladesh charges eight terrorists over 2016 dhaka attack that killed 22 including indian student, Amnesty international

    Bangladesh Charges Eight Terrorists Over 2016 Dhaka Attack that Killed 22 Including Indian Student 2018-07-24 05:46:43

    Bangladesh police department has charged eight terrorists over a 2016 attack on a coffee shop in Dhaka that killed 22 people, and unfettered a British suspect imprisoned deprived of custody for the past two years.After 2016 attack in Dhaka, Briton...

    Keywords: Indian Student, Indian, Indian Student, Attack

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    Growing intolerance, Amnesty India, amnesty international said that there is growing intolerance in india, Amnesty international

    Amnesty International said that there is ‘Growing intolerance’ in India 2016-02-24 09:47:16

    Amnesty International said that authorities in India failed to “prevent many incidents of religious violence” and sometimes “contributed to tensions through polarising speeches”, as it condemned growing intolerance in the country in its annual report. “Scores of artists, writers and...

    Keywords: Amnesty India, religious violence, Supreme Court, Supreme Court

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    Muslims, India, amnesty international halts work in india, Amnesty international

    Amnesty International Halts Work In India 2020-09-30 07:05:00

    Amnesty International accused the Indian government of freezing its bank accounts for speaking out about rights abuses. The human rights group Amnesty International has said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has blocked all of its bank accounts on...

    Keywords: India, Muslims, Muslims, India

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    New Delhi, New Delhi, cbi raids offices of amnesty international in bengaluru and new delhi, Amnesty international

    CBI raids offices of Amnesty International in Bengaluru and New Delhi 2019-11-16 04:57:24

    Human rights have been around for contest for quite some time now. With the oppression that people experience around, it isn’t surprising that more and more movements are coming into the foreground to further fight back the shortcomings in people’s...

    Keywords: Amnesty international, New Delhi, Indians, Amnesty international

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    Palay, Seelan Palay, rights groups call for release of jailed singaporean artist, Amnesty international

    Rights Groups Call for Release of Jailed Singaporean Artist 2018-10-12 09:54:41

    Human rights groups and arts supporters are calling for a release of a 34-year-old performance artist who is serving a two-week jail sentence for so-called peaceful one-man protest. Seelan Palay was sentenced by a Singaporean court on October 3 following...

    Keywords: Seelan Palay, Seelan Palay, Palay, Human rights groups

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