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December 10, 2019 12:11
6 Unhealthy Signs Of Jealousy In A Relationship

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Sometimes, we love when we have someone being jealous and over the top possessive about us, don’t we? But, thinks do take a turn for the worse when the level of that becomes unhealthy, causing impending toxicity in the relationship. For the most part, having a clear insight about the situation does help in preventing the risks but, if you can’t see through the red signals, it is time that you do evaluate the situation before it gets worse.

To help you gauge, we are going to list out some of the common unhealthy signs of jealousy in a relationship that is worth looking into.

1. Moulding your partner to be like you

If you are constant finding your partner forcing you to be like them, it is time to address the problem. Every person come along with their own share of personality and while it is okay to change based on the influence from your partner’s habit, it is not okay to completely have your partner tell you to change every last thing about yourself. It is important to have your own authenticity in the relationship and having a jealous partner who tries to change you to be like them all the time is a sign of a toxic nature.

2. Constant poking

There is a very fine line between being possessive and being over possessive and jealous. If you have your partner constantly calling you, trying to gauge the common habits, then that is a problem. If you are getting a call every few minutes from your partner trying to check up on your whereabouts and suspecting about your location, it is a sign of an overjealous partner. It shows signs of unhealthy jealousy which is not something one should ever encourage.

3. No social circle

There are often instances where in someone’s partner doesn’t like where they are out with friends. If your partner doesn’t allow you to go out with friends and constantly complains about the same, it is important that you do keep an eye out on the situation. If your partner doesn’t like seeing you enjoying time with your friends, it is likely that they have an unhealthy bout of jealousy in them. Just because your partner doesn’t like you doing that, it doesn’t mean that you have to abide by their thoughts.

4. Talking to someone of the opposite sex is a BIG NO

The very first sign of unhealthy jealousy is when you find your partner being extremely alert when you are having a casual conversation with someone of your opposite sex. In such cases, chances are that they will try and come to claim you in a way to let the person opposite you know that you are taken. This is something that you need to address and find better ways to get rid of. This kind of habit can get very toxic in the long run which is why it is better one does find ways to talk things through.

5. Checking phones

Another common issue that people face when with a jealous partner is that they constantly keep checking the other’s phones for unnecessary messages of even the social media handles to check through the private messages. More than anything, it is the paranoia that affects the relationship. It is very important that you don’t let this happening every now and then because it will eventually catch up to your relationship and cause a chaos in the long run.

6. Constant accusations about cheating

If you have your partner constantly accuse of cheating at every miniscule interaction you have with them, it is time to change things up. You are not just dealing with a jealous partner but someone who can actually take the prospects of the level of toxicity to the next level when it is in the long run. This is the reason why it is best suggested that you do focus on avoiding the unnecessary bout of either being in a relationship with them or simply just avoid being in a relationship with them altogether.

It is very important that one does focus on these signs in a relationship because to be fair, these matter. The last thing you want is to feel suffocated in a relationship. It is better to either talk it out or move on, whichever seems the best option for you.

By Somapika Dutta

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