Beat the summer heatLR Perfect position

August 02, 2013 14:30
Beat the summer heat

Stay in cool state of mind and beat the summer heat with deep breaths.

Here are some tips to control your lifestyle from summer heat.

Dressing: Dressing is most important which allows your body breathe. Wearing dress that feels relaxed like loose fitting, light colored, less formal clothing is must. Feel like you are on vacation and it becomes easy to feel the relaxing enjoyment of the heat. Peppermint to be added some cool to skin as it is to the mouth. Balanced body temperature helps your mind set to be cool. Look mind shower gels or lotions to keep your whole body cooler.

Breathing: Breathing will effect on relaxing and cooling of your body, take deep breath for cool body and it forces you to stop what you are doing and concentrate on slowing down. Long Breath helps your muscles and fills lungs to a certain levels. Take a small break from work and have 10 deep breaths without thinking anything else, then you will feel better in an instant.

Sleep: Early to bed early to rise, this is good logic to have good sleep. Switch off TV or computer and have good sleep. When you sleep deeply you will wake up energized.

Eat light and small food, Start the morning with a sweet, juicy fruit at breakfast. Have summer fruits- peaches, plums, melons and pears for the hot season.Include salads in your diet. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

These are helps you to beat the summer heat.

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