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November 10, 2018 10:34
6 Crafty Signs He's Faking His Love for you

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It is very hard to differentiate a fake relationship from a genuine one.

Many of us live under the impression of an enduring relationship when what we are in fact having is a simple affair. It is factual that real, healthy relationships take a lot of sweat to uphold nonetheless they are absolutely better than fake ones.

There are plentiful things that need to be well-thought-out when in a 'real relationship' since there are a lot of people who could dupe us into trusting that they are really committed to us but what they in fact pursue might be just lovemaking or to purely hang around. We must learn to distinguish between people who truly be in earnest when they say that they love us and those who do not.

The following are the things that you need to keep a lookout to realize if your partner is tricking you:

Extreme PDA

Seemingly, it might appear that a couple who are very loving towards each other in a social context might share a very affectionate relationship privately, however, this might not at all times be the situation.

Extreme-PDA                       Image credit: Reader's Digest

While PDA (Public Display of Attention) to a convinced extent is good, an extreme display of love can indicate a compensatory behavior. It is a method of preserving the impression of a loving relationship in front of others and themselves too.

This is not a very infrequent incidence. Countless couples who do not share a very good bond every so often feel the necessity to cover it up with their display of affection. Appearances can be rather deceptive. Therefore, the next time you see a happy couple holding hands, it might not necessarily mean that they are in love.

No Special Moments

Being in a relationship with a person you genuinely love gives you a different feeling all in all.

No-Special-Moments                       Image source: CelebrationJoy

If you do not find anything extraordinary in your relationship, then you better not be in a relationship whatsoever. It does not mean that it needs to be rather celebration or outstanding but then you must at least find pleasure in the small things like a reminiscence of you together which makes you glad, or calling out names to each other. It is not love when your relationship look as if to be 'normal' continually. There must be to some degree from which you could derive enthusiasm.

No Serious Discussions

Communication is a central part of a relationship.

You and your lover should feel unrestricted to open up in front of each other and should be able to converse matters of the heart. Communication does not mean simply speaking about the climate and added insignificant things, you should be able to talk about thoughtful and significant matters too. Couples who are truly in love with one another talk about future plans, having children, wandering places etc…

No-Serious-Discussions                       Image source: Victoria Buzz

It should also be kept in consciousness that arguments and fights are also parts of a truthful relationship. While discussing serious things, arguments are guaranteed to occur and also remember that they will be fixed at the dusk. But if you do not discuss no matter what with your partner that matters to you then you should perhaps re-evaluate your relationship.

Power Game

When your relationship turns out to be all about winning an argument then you might not be in a 'true relationship' finally.

In a situation where your lone concern is to prove your opinion accurate, you place your ego over the feelings of your partner.

Power-Game                       Image source: Relationship Junkie

Although arguments are very much parts of every relationship, occasionally one of the partners has to step down to end the fiend even if the other is wrong. Because being in a relationship is not consistent about being correct, rather it is about giving space, understanding, and care. As an alternative, the necessary time should be given to the partner so that one realizes about one's flaws in the future.

Ignorant about each other

If you share an honest bond with your partner, you would be intense to know about your partner's family and friends.

Ignorant-about-each-other                       Image source: FemaleAdda

If you want a future together that you would be attentive in knowing your partner's close ones. It is solely when the relationship does not matter to you and you know that it would perhaps not last long enough, that you do not show much attention in learning about your partner's companions.

It is relevant in the case of your partner as well. It can only mean that he does not want to get too involved with you if he does not acquaint you with his parents or friends.


If You have pleasing sex then there is nothing else that gives you abundant enthusiasm from the relationship.

Lovemaking                       Image source: Cosmopolital

Being physical is the only way you people can sustain your bonding. If you can find no real trust, passion, care etc… in the relationship then it is very probable that you are not really attached to one another.

Many people currently get into relationships only to go into bed. At first, he might flirt with you, make you feel like you are the center of his universe but actually, all they want is to get you in bed. But clearly, all guys are not like that and there are ones who are really straight and honest.

-Sowmya Sangam

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