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October 24, 2014 12:50
Men you should avoid dating},{Men you should avoid dating

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Most women realise that there is nothing called a 'perfect man' after dating one or two men. So they tend to get into a relationship with a man after a few dates. In the intial phase of dating some men seem to be perfect or almost perfect. But there are some warning signals which should not take lightly by women. Here are certain types of men you should avoid dating in case you have plans for a serious relationship.

Self-centered men

Women like their men to be confident. But there is a difference between confidence and overconfidence. The second type of men can really be a pain. Such a man would be full of admiration for himself. He will try to prove himself better than you at any given opportunity. If you happen to be dating a self-centred man he is likely to make you feel miserable for being born on earth.

I, Me, Myself' attitude men

Men with "I, Me, Myself" attitude are full of themselves. They don't have any masculinity left in themselves. Such men can be easily identified by the amount of time they spends in front of a mirror or in beauty spa. Compliments from such men are rare, nay negligible. How can he compliment you – for that he would have to turn his attention away from himself. He would rather admire himself than look at you.

Men with suspicious nature

A man with suspicious nature can make your life miserable. Such men cannot digest the fact that you had a boyfriend before him. The moment you reveal about your ex-boyfriend he will find it difficult to trust you. Even though you have never been disloyal he has doubts that you still meet your ex-boyfriend at times. And talking to another man will be a crime as he will be full of suspicion. Life with such a man will be miserable as he would smell something fishy when he sees you smiling and happy in the company of other men.

Stingy men

Life with a stingy man can be really difficult. They hate spending money for anything. He will never spend money on you. Don't even expect him to share expenses incurred together - on movies or a dinner. A stingy man will expect you to pay for his expenses – food, clothing or even his house rent. A relationship with such a man will be pathetic.

Lives in past glory

Some men survive on past glories. They feel that life in the past was the best. His conversations would be dominated by past achievements and he would talk about his great contribution to humanity. Such men refuses to live in the present and he would not do anything about the task at hand. Life would be frustrating with such a man.

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