Is dating myth keeping you away from love?Relationship

September 05, 2014 14:16
Is dating myth keeping you away from love?},{Is dating myth keeping you away from love?

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Dating is the most exciting part, before you get into a serious relationship. Most of us go through dating a number of men/women before settling down into a relationship. But some people find love has alluded them inspite of dating many prospective partners. Are you one of those. Probably you have been influenced by dating myths. Here are some dating myths that you should avoid if you are looking for a partner.

Love at first sight

There is no such thing as 'love at first sight'. It's an illusionary concept found in books and movies. You fall in love with a person as you get to know them, their inner qualities. So don't ignore someone thinking I didn't feel anything when I saw him/her.

No place for intuitions

Don't put your intuition to sleep. Sometimes you go out with someone even though there seems to be nothing common between the two of you. It's your intuition working that makes you date this person. Spend time and listen to this person. Maybe your intuition is telling you something that your alert mind is not recognising.

Date online first

Dating has no rules, so don't force yourself to date online if you don't want to do it. There are many places where you meet the opposite sex – college, office, gym or hobby classes to name a few. When you leave your home, keep an open mind. Life is full of surprises.

Treat dating seriously

Dating is supposed to be fun. Go out, meet a person and enjoy the time together. Don't take it as a serious event and get stressed. You will be able to make the right decision about your date only if you feel great inside. Have fun while dating and you will be in the right track.

Getting to know another person

Dating is not just about knowing another person, it's also about knowing yourself better. During a date there is the stress of impressing the other person. Ask yourself why do you feel insecure. Try to be true to yourself and improve yourself. This will help you achieve a new level of confidence.

Looking for someone who will complete you

Some people have the eroneous thought that their partner will complete them in a relationship. If you feel incomplete make efforts to find fulfilment in your life first. Only when you are fulfilled in your own life, you can be part of wonderful relationship.

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