Throw off your headache to make your children wiser with the ways of life!!Pregnancy & Parenting

August 23, 2016 15:59
Throw off your headache to make your children wiser with the ways of life!!

Being extra protective with your kids can be harmful for their mental growth and development. It is important to not let them remain cocooned in a world in which they believe everything is hunky-dory.

Besides education, These are equally important to help children face challenges in life. These help developing their confidence and will power.

Here are some ways by which you can prepare your child to be confident and independent.

Teach them how to say “no”
It sounds simple to say “No”, but refusal skills are difficult to achieve. The society wants us to work according to them and in some situation, saying no is required a lot. But asking kids to learn this early, helps in in future. Saying no to something that you don't wish to do or wish to be, boosts your self confidence and ensures that no one can take you for granted. Being assertive goes a long way ,  be it lying or falling in someone's trap.

Home Alone
This may sound too much wired but with safety at hand you can be at ease. Write down emergency numbers on a sheet of paper and teach them how to switch off the gas' regulator and other emergency measures from the early age . Teach them the importance of keeping bottles of phenyl, pesticides and other objects away. More importantly, ask them to use the peephole before opening the door. This helps kids to understand how they can get used to managing chores on their own.

Allow them to explore and experience
Be it reading comics, watching movies and cartoons , or letting them step outdoors for treks or camps, don't say no to something that could help them grow only because of your own uneasiness. Ask them to choose their own books or let them spend time with friends. Don't influence them because they have to make bigger, and more important decisions without any hesitation in the future.

Give them solutions for 'What If' situations
At different stages in life, it is necessary to make your kids accident-proof by practicing 'what if' situations. Similarly, warning them about strangers, informing them about unsafe spots around important landmarks near their house are of importance, too. While they need to follow the protocol, under careful supervision, you should test them to keep a check on them.

These will help your children to take right and appropriate decision in crucial situations and handle it with confidence and less stress.

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By Prakriti Neogi


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