Lifestyle Advice is worthy during Pregnancy!Pregnancy & Parenting

March 28, 2015 16:01
Lifestyle Advice is worthy during Pregnancy!},{Lifestyle Advice is worthy during Pregnancy!

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It is meaningful if you spend more on learning about the pregnancy care and tips. Elderly women can suggest you in right direction, but it has become rarity now, as the modern day women are working and leaving far away from the members of family.

There are many institutes or counseling centres to guide you in right direction during the pregnancy. The investment or spending on such valuables events is worthy as the carrying woman will have higher chances of delivering healthy and intelligent babies.

The poor and middleclass women may not be able to spend such fees or token for the classes and diet during the pregnancy, so that friends, well educated husbands should encourage the pregnant women to know the required knowledge and information.

Similar to this version, researchers from the University of Adelaide explained that the additional cost of providing one-on-one lifestyle advice to overweight and obese women during pregnancy is offset by improved outcomes at birth. The research was funded the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australia.

The University's Robinson Research Institute taken up an economic evaluation in parallel with the world's biggest study offering healthy eating and exercise advice to overweight or obese pregnant women.

The results of the economic analysis, published in the journal BMC Obesity, show that a range of improvements in health outcomes led to reduced healthcare costs both for the woman and her infant.  This resulted in the project being cost neutral.

"Poor outcomes at birth are associated with significant additional healthcare costs, both for women and their babies.  We wanted to know whether or not the lifestyle advice we provided to women was cost effective, as well as helping to impact on clinical outcomes," says the study's lead author, Professor Jodie Dodd, from the University of Adelaide's Robinson Research Institute and the Women's and Children's Hospital.

They have informed that the women who changed their lifestyle with proper diet, physical activity, and relaxation methods got good outcome including the weight of babies (over 4 kg).

"Overall, the increase in costs associated with providing the lifestyle intervention for pregnant women was offset by savings associated with improved outcomes at birth, making the intervention cost effective," Professor Dodd says.

The healthy diet, stress free lifestyle and appropriate physical activities can result in a good way and may give healthy babies. The study supported this kind of expenditure for obese women to avoid complications during and post pregnancy. The birthing classes should be attended by those who do not have sufficient knowledge on pregnancy care, diet during pregnancy, and those who have fear of delivery.  


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