Can mankind live without art?Manage your life

May 19, 2016 12:32
Can mankind live without art?

Art to many is just a three letter word that does not carry much value than the wall hanging that adorn their office or an enforced line in the resume to add some color or pizzazz. To some it is the world, their every breath and life line. So the question arises, is art a necessity or just a want. Can man kind live without art? Merriam Webster dictionary clarifies the word ‘art’ as something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings. It further includes paintings, sculptures etc as examples of art.  From the very meaning of it, art is not limited to what typically is created by an artist. It is an expression of one’s creative thinking. Hence from lathes to stove tops, there is art in all that humans do. While the mechanical process of the same activity falls under the mundane, the creative process involved that results in unique, out of the box end-result evolves the art form in that subject.


Art is a matter of our expressions, our thought process. Without this expression, one cannot grow or evolve in one’s journey of life. Everyone dabbles in art, early on; in simple activities such as blowing raspberry as the baby tries to imitate sounds heard. She explores finger painting for the first time as she moves the spilled Gerber on her high chair tray. He teaches himself to dance as he balances his lil’ rotund body on his not-so-straight-yet legs, or bounces to a rhythm. What we are talked to about as the hand eye coordination, is art in its primitive form as human life evolved from our ape ancestors who become the ‘cave- artists’. And as human race continues to evolve, the depths of those folds in our brains’ cortex will be delved into to create the most astonishing and only dreamt of art forms. Pushpaka Vimana was thought of to be just fictional feature that Ramayana presented to us, until Boeings became a common name in our households. The expression of creative ideas and insight of yesteryears have become a reality today – an unsurpassable example of ‘art’ at its heights.


Next time you hear the word ‘art’, you might want to give it a deeper thought, for it is not what you limit it to, but the limitless. That which is the burning fire inside every human being, when channeled can create wonders. ART - a small word with a world of surprises hidden.  

-Swarna Sitaraman

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