Be fit and active !Manage your life

March 26, 2016 16:30
Be fit and active !

Fitness means being able to do what you need to, without finding it difficult. So, however busy you might be, never let your body lack it's fitness. It is also an important way for stress release. It is always better to be fit as it improves your lifestyle. Here are few benefits of being fit.

Being fit is always good

1.Your body functions better from your hair looking shiny to your toes looking beautiful and touchable. In that way, you can save your money from beauticians.

2.Even your internal parts like heart, kidneys, liver function properly.

3. Also, active brain functioning helps you become smarter.

4. As your body becomes better, it can fight from the deadly diseases like cancer, heart attack all the way to the flu's, allergies.

5.High fertility rate: which means, you can create more healthy babies.

6.Makes you more attractive: Better complexion and physique which can boost your confidence ultimately giving you a better social life.

7.Makes you happier, more productive and more energetic. This can make you a great employee, friend and spouse. Imagine yourself receiving the best employee award or your spouse taking you for a date. Fantastic! Isn't it.

8. Not only does being fit makes you feel good but also gives you more time to feel good. In other words, it increases your life expectancy.

9. Exercising does not have to be boring and dreaded. Choose an exercise in such a way that it helps improve your physical strength as well as drives your mental stress, depression away.

10. Waking up early and having breakfast helps in reducing the hunger which in turn makes you avoid over eating. Drinking plain old water other than cool drinks helps the body to function properly.

- Sumana

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