Study: Sleeping in Your Contacts May Cause Stern Eye DamageHealthy Living

August 20, 2018 12:55
Study: Sleeping in Your Contacts May Cause Stern Eye Damage

(Image source from: Odyssey)

Contact lenses are intended to make life laid-back for people facing complications with vision. But then not being cautious with them can leave people with the poorer condition as has been perceived in recent cases.

While a woman's contact lens was found stuck in her eyelid decades after an accident, sleeping with them can likewise be unsafe.

A novel study is recommending people who use contact lens contrary to doing so, since it may leave them with a hole in their cornea.

It found that sleeping with contact lenses can upsurge the risk of eye infections eightfold. Eyes are subtle organs that need saline, oxygen and decent nutrition, but contact lenses may smother them even though they lessen strain caused to eyes.

The absence of oxygen can make eyeballs susceptible to microorganisms that live on the skin or in the mouth. It deteriorates defense systems in the eye and lets minute holes to form on the surface of the cornea.

By Sowmya Sangam

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