These everyday activities no less than work out!Healthy Living

April 04, 2016 11:19
These everyday activities no less than work out!

Do you know that everyday activities help us in burning out calories? Different activities in our daily life are equal to work out. People follow endless methods to lose their weight, and that too they look out for fast and effective methods to lower their weights instantly and simply. Some routine activities help you burn your calories and you may not have to compromise on your favorite food. Here are some activities helpful in easily burning calories.

Laughing is the best therapy to burn calories. For every 10 minutes of laughing, seven calories can be flamed. Choose a comedy movie and play the movie, laughing bits of the movie make you to lose your extra weight.
Talking to people helps you to burn calories. Speaking for the duration of 60 minutes continuously, burns 50 calories. Turn into a chatter box and go ahead, it helps you stay fit and healthy.
Burn 70 calories for continuous hugging of 60 minutes. Hug your dear ones and reduce weight. Do not hesitate to hug, as it equals to seven continuous minutes of jumping jacks!.
Texting in smartphones in not a bore to the people. Most people go on texting for 50% of the day. Stay on texting! Don’t be surprised! By continuous texting of  60 minutes burn up to 70 calories. It is a smart excuse to text the whole day.
TextingCar Washing:
No need to get worried if you skip your physical activities. Wash your car continuously for 60 minutes as it is equal to 30 minutes of swimming. Go ahead and burn some calories.

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