Dementia Can be Delayed by Living Healthy !Healthy Living

March 25, 2015 19:18

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Today’s lifestyle certainly shows impact on tomorrow’s health. If we are good in balancing our health, we can lead a better life in future. According to a study, the researchers found the same thing.

Old-age memory loss can be prevented by practicing regular exercise, and having healthy diet, involving in social activities, and brain training. They found that the risk of dementia is low for those who live healthy today with all physical activities.

Nearly 1,300 people aged 60-77 were studied by The University of Eastern Finland, the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki, and Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. And they found that cognitive decline in elderly people could be reduced by good diet, heart health and fitness.

Lead researcher Professor Miia Kivipelto, divided the participants into two groups – one receiving simple health advice, and the other in-depth guidance on nutrition, exercise, cognitive training and social activities.

The participants will be given the diet of fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, low-fat dairy and meat, less than 50g sugar a day and fish at least twice a week. The scheme recommended muscle training between one and three times a week and aerobic exercise two to five times a week.

While the brain training included sessions with psychologists and regular computer-based exercises at home. The intervention patients also had regular heart check-ups with a nurse or doctor. After two years, the intensive group’s overall scores in brain tests were 25 percent higher than the other group.

In some areas, the difference was even more striking. On the brain’s ability to organise thoughts, results were 83 percent higher among those on the lifestyle programme, and they were 150 percent better at processing.

The researchers are feeling the benefits of the programme will also help in having stronger (healthy) hearts and muscles. However some are advocating for much deeper and empirical studies on the subject.

However, practicing exercise, consuming healthy food, and avoiding alcohol, smoking can keep the people away from doctor and ensures healthy life.


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