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November 15, 2019 11:12
Indian-American Dies Of Cardiac Arrest Four Months After Marriage

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Death is inevitable. There is possibly nothing that one can do to stop it if situations similar to that arise. The same was the fate that 32 year old Prashanth Padla from Tampa, Florida experienced. The Indian American passed away on November 09, 2019 in an untimely death caused because of cardiac arrest.

The loss of such an young Indian professional is not just ghastly but terrifying at the same time. The barbaric thing about this event is the fact that Padla got married just four months before his death to his wife Sindhu. She recently moved together with her husband in America as the couple were close to getting their green card applications approved.

Prasanth and his wife and some family members including his toddler nephew took part in the green card backlog rally recently which was organized by the Illinois Immigration Forum in Chicago.

The sudden death of the bright individual has left behind a dark glooming situation above the heads of the families and that too in a situation of such distraught. The North American Telugu Society has started their fundraiser to help out the young family in question during their time of need.

They have set up a Go Fund Me page for the deceased and the family and is working actively with the family and friends of Padla to help make all the necessary arrangements for the funeral and the fund raising support involved in it.

According to the fundraiser, Padla has been described as a responsible, loving brother and a very joyous friend and caring husband. The friends and family of the individual have also described him as a very kind and generous man who always went out of their way to help people when it need of it.

The sudden death has come off as a shock for the entire family. The goal of the fundraiser was raised at $100,000 out of which $58,409 has already been raised. In terms of the origin, Padal belongs to the Armoor city from the state of Telangana. He also does have some family residing in the United States.

By Somapika Dutta

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