Dealing with Depression - Loving yourself Before Anyone or AnythingStress

January 11, 2021 16:15
Dealing with Depression - Loving yourself Before Anyone or Anything

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If you suffer from depression, it is definitely a difficult situation to handle. The constant feeling of self loathe and putting yourself down and feeling stressed out prevails most of the time. This is a common notion but it is not okay. One of the most common facts that a person with depression deals with is absolutely hating themself. It might not be possible to immediately change your notions after reading this article but we will try to help you as much as possible with some measures that can help you get better.

Metaphorically speaking, a person with depression sees the world as black and white when the rest of the world sees everything with color. Simply speaking, people with depression cannot fathom their existence and have reasons to leave everything behind. When someone you know or even you feel this way, the first and foremost thing to do is to get professional help. The first step to fighting depression is to accept it.

Once you have accepted that yes, you are someone with depression, you then make an effort to get yourself better. Accepting your problems and seeking to get help is actually the biggest and most important step to fight depression. It might be a struggle but with effort and support, it is definitely possible.

So how do you reach to the point where you know you want to become better?

First step, acknowledge your mistakes. What is it that is causing you to feel this way? Trauma from the past, past experiences, relationships or just the situation you are in? Whatever it is, take a notebook and a pen and start writing down where you think everything is going wrong. Writing it down can at least relieve you of 20% of stress that you might be feeling.

Another way to feel slightly elevated and better about yourself is to talk to yourself. When you are depressed nobody can compare to how your feel and it might be possible that nobody will understand your situation fully. The only one who knows and will understand you the best is yourself. Talking to yourself can be very therapeutic. It can help you understand the underlying problems you have and why you are feeling this way in the first place.

Acceptance makes you a bigger and better person.

On your journey towards self growth, don’t put yourself down. No one can or has the right to judge you. You are the creator of your own destiny. Relying on other people or destroying your life because of what others say and do is just a loss for you. Life is very short and precious. Before you know it, time flies by. Take the best of what you have and create progress for yourself without caring about what other people say or will say.

There is a concept called ego death. This means destroying all emotions you have an elevating yourself to a higher state of mind. Those who attain ego death find unlimited happiness and what others say or do to them will never effect their feelings, state of mind or ego.

If the cause of your depression is trauma from the past, then first and foremost, it is unfortunate that you had to go through something like that. Believe that you did not or ever deserve that because you are better than your past grudges. The past can be haunting and can make you feel miserable, anxious or even scared. But that is okay. What you should be focusing on instead is that you have made through it and not a lot of people can.

It is okay to not be okay.

Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has their flaws. What we should be focusing our energy on is on how to deal with it and not let it drag us down.

If you are someone who needs help or knows someone who needs help, please seek professional help immediately. Speak with a counsellor today.

Depression helpline (toll free)9152987821

By Meena Atmakuri

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