The Great Khali Workout and Diet RoutineDiet & Fitness

August 27, 2019 12:44
The Great Khali Workout and Diet Routine

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Ask any gym-goer who their inspiration is and they will certainly say Great Khali, an Indian professional wrestler.

Dalip Singh Rana aka Great Khali is the first Indian World Champion in WWE history. If you are a 90’s kid you grew up hearing his name.

Khali, who was in continuous action in WWE from 2006 to 2014, became World Heavyweight Champion in July 2007. He now owns a wrestling school at Punjab.

If you are a fitness freak, you would’ve at least once searched for the Great Khali’s workout and diet pattern. And, if you are still trying to find his secret behind his giant physique, then you are at right place.


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According to, the Great Khali works out six days a week apart from Saturdays to give rest to his body. On Sundays, he trains his chest muscles with all form of bench exercises along with push-ups. On Tuesdays, he focuses on workouts related to cardio while on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he concentrates on workouts accompanying arms, shoulder trapezius muscles, legs, and core.


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According to, the Great Khali begins his day with fruit juices and fruits, two quarts of milk, eight eggs and 100g of dry fruits. After that, he drinks a lot of water and goes on a short walk. He then eats chicken and bread for breakfast.

The Great Khali's lunch includes curry, pulses, vegetables, wheat bread, rice, a kilogram of chicken, eggs along with some more dry fruits. While for dinner, the former WWE star eats cheese, legumes, vegetables, 10 wheat bread, brown rice, chicken and six eggs followed by two liters of milk with ice post-dinner.

Great Khali’s Life Journey

Born on August 27 in Dhiraina Village of Himachal Pradesh, the Great Khali was serving as Punjab state police before setting foot in wrestling. In 2012, he underwent surgery and to remove tumor from his pituitary gland, present at the base of the brain which produces growth hormone.

According to Dr. Joshua Cohen, an endocrinologist at George Washington University, pituitary gland tumors lead to excessive secretion of the hormone and triggers a condition known as acromegaly, which causes gigantism.   

The Great Khali has introduced Punjabi Prison match in WWE. He stepped down from WWE in November 2014 and came back to India to train aspiring wrestling superstars.

By Sowmya Sangam

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