Is Foot Ulcer A Reason For Diabetes?Diabetes

September 17, 2022 10:21
Is Foot Ulcer A Reason For Diabetes?

If you have an ulcer on your foot and it is not healing, there would be number of causes or reasons for the same. Diabetes may be a significant reason. If there are wounds, redness, pain, swelling or discolouration, always consult a doctor at the earliest. A diabetic foot ulcer is a wound that occurs on your foot and is spotted in people suffering with diabetes. This type starts with a small injury like dry skin, small cut or a blister. These do not heal over the time and can lead to further infection and can bring some serious complications. The most important risk factor is diabetic peripheral neuropathy which is a condition where the nerves get damaged due to diabetes.

The other reason for diabetic foot ulcers is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) which is a condition where the arteries in the legs witness a blockage. More than 15 to 25 percent of the people across the globe develop diabetic foot ulcers. They are preventable. The symptoms are not obvious. Swelling, redness and foul odour from the place are the symptoms. The diabetic foot ulcers are caused due to nerve damage, poor circulation and high blood sugar. Some of the factors that increase the risk of diabetic foot ulcer are:

Diabetic neuropathy
Poorly fitting shoes
Poor foot hygiene
Improper trimming of toenails or ingrown toenails
Previous history of foot ulcers
Peripheral artery disease
Varicose veins


If the case is not severe, the doctor will clean the wound and will remove the dead skin. In severe cases, the doctors may suggest a surgery. Always take care of your feet daily. Donot walk with bare feet even inside your home. Wear comfortable shoes.

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