Prakriti Dance

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Prakriti Dance

Prakriti Dance
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Event Dates

Saturday, Jul 28, 2018 - Sunday, Jul 29, 2018

Event Time

08:00 PM

Event Location

Dance Place
3225 8th Street NE,
Washington, DC 20017

Contact Details

(202) 269-1600

Organized by

Prakriti Dance and Dance Place

About this Event

Inspired by the Mahabharata epic, Prakriti Dance’s production of Amba Shikandi: A Journey of Courage narrates the story of Amba, who goes to any lengths to find her justice. Taken away from her true love by Bhishma, she cannot marry and finds herself ostracized and alone. Instead of accepting her fate, she seeks divine intervention to find her own justice. Like Amba, may we all have the courage to follow our own journeys and find our true destinies. May the roaring flame of Amba Shikandi’s spirit blaze a path for all.

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