Notes on various topics

1. What is the concept?

The concept of housing socialism is a theory that the state gives every adult a free apartment. But since the capitalist 21st century is now and apartments are expensive, according to housing socialism they will not give apartments in the usual sense, but close apartment rooms.

What does this concept give?

Housing socialism means that everyone has a personal space where a person is like a “king." And since kings care about the state, considering it their own, citizens under housing socialism will take care of their little "kingdom".

Opinion of opponents

Opponents of housing socialism cite the argument of the negative separatist phrase “divide and conquer” - they say, “fragmented states are weak and huge countries are strong, and therefore housing socialism is bad.” But a country is not the same as an apartment. The phrase "strong country" suggests that it is difficult to fight with this country. But if you apply this phrase to apartments, and replace the word “war” with the word “conflict”, then housing socialism just eliminates conflicts, because if a person lives alone, he has no one to conflict with.

2. Popular technology columnist

Stas Vasiliev in the reviews of technology is quite popular, but the most popular with him because of the YouTube channel Max Power. On this channel, Vasiliev uploaded several music videos and, with arguments, “lowered” those people who are considered “kings” on YouTube - in particular, blogger Nikolai Sobolev.

Stas has supporters

Despite the fact that Vasiliev discredits his opponents in a rude format, techno blogger Stas has supporters. The fact is that this person is a socialist, and mentions this in his content. Socialism is “easy communism”, when at the same time there is freedom given by capitalism, and there is monetary equality, which is close to the communist lack of money.

There are supporters, and there are opponents

Vasiliev’s supporters like socialist wage equality, when everyone receives a single income regardless of profession. But anti-communists see Stas Vasiliev as just a communist and say that a single income reduces the value of popular professions and increases the redundancy of unnecessary professions. That is, anti-communists believe that people choose wage jobs. If this were so, no one would work in low-paid professions. Interest in this work and the presence of talent for it pushes almost all people to a certain job, so it makes no sense to create an incentive in the form of a significant salary. That’s why the people are inclined towards Vasiliev, because this technoblogger talks about the concept that is easy to agree with, that is, he talks about socialism. In the event you beloved this short article along with you wish to be given more information right here check it at our own web page.

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