Bamako Urban Transport Mapping

Bamako Urban Transport Mapping

Bamako is a very large city by its surface and its population. It is served by several means of public transport such as mini-cars called “SOTRAMA” and “Taxis”. This domination by these two means of public transport is real but poorly regulated. In this sector, there are lines officially recognized by the road authorities and those which are tolerated. For the proper functioning of the sector, the OpenStreetMapMali community, in accordance with its vocation to map the whole of Mali and Express Ticket, have started collecting in Octoberbrebre information on the lines and stops of these Sotrama which serve the capital in order to allow the Bamakoise population to know the essentials of the lines it takes.

Bus lines (Sotrama)

Stops (major crossroads / places and places recognized) and unofficial (recognized and named by the population),

Include the condition of the road and axes taken,

Routes, sections (duration, distance of the journey from the starting point to the destination, cost of the line).

Improve the services and quality of life of populations with digital tools.


The main target of the project is the population of Bamako but also foreigners and all those who stay in this city which is growing day by day.

Structures Involved

For the success of this project, all the structures mentioned below have been involved: these are the National Transport Directorate, the DRCTU, the ADR and the Transport Syndicates (Drivers and Apprentices of Sotrama) and everyone seems to take ownership of the project.

Project Duration:

The project spans 3 months and can be extended if necessary to achieve the project objectives.

Technical & Financial Partners

The Project is fully funded by the World Bank through the Global Facility For Disaster Reduction and Recovery

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